Tuesday, January 20, 2009

please pray for chris...

most of you know that he mangled his wrist pretty bad last week...

well, this morning they wheeled him off to surgery. he has bad nerve damage, and they wanted to see if they can fix anything.

i know he'll be alright, and the God is control, but i'm kinda angry about the whole thing. i'm not sure who i'm angry with... but it all just sucks super bad.

pray for chris' cut, his surgery, and his healing time. pray for my stress level and my heart.... pray that i can pull it together so that i can actually be of some use to him when he'll really need me.


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

in 10 days....

i will be wearing my beautiful dress. i will be taking pictures with my girls. i will be freaking out, yet eerily calm. i will be ridiculously giddy. i will be beyond excited. and i will be getting married.



Tuesday, January 13, 2009

very cool thing...


i'm a researcher. sure, this sounds a little out there and vague. eh, it is! but the coolest things happen in research. you meet tons of people, and you really feel invested in helping the population your researching. some days it really sucks... like most days. but for the most part, it tends to be rewarding.

anywho, doctors are required to write about all of these studies. you know, like the reports you hear on tv and what not. so, my doctors (my bosses on my main study) have been working on this paper to send to the ADA (American Diabetes Association). they finally had to send the abstract (the pre-paper, paper) for approval this week. if the abstract gets approved, then they have a year or so to write the full paper on the research to be presented at a national conference. yeah, i work on stuff like that... how cool is that?!?

but, here's the best part. the biggest thing for these papers is the list of authors and how they are listed. the best spot is at the end, that goes to the top, most important doc, the first spot goes to the main doc who actually did the studying (but, the top dog doc, it still better.. even if they didn't do all the work! so true int eh real world!). then you include all the other docs who worked on the research. there's an order there, but i don't know what...

okay... then, if you happened to help in any way... as in, if your research staff, your name gets put in at the very end of the paper, in the recognitions.. hence, where my name is on two papers floating around somewhere.

BUT.... in this study... MY NAME IS IN THE LIST OF AUTHORS.

yes... out of nowhere, my main doc boss decided to not put me in the recognitions, but as an actual author.. for all my hard work. how awesome is that!!!

ha... if it gets approved, then you can google me and a real scholastic paper will come up!


I Heart Disneyland!!!!

thank you astrid and heather for working at place that gets us in for so little!!! that's all.... such a happy place!!!

Friday, January 9, 2009


i went to my final fitting yesterday.... my dress is AMAZING!!!! i'm so in love iwht my dress. i told chris that i was never going to take it off....


Wednesday, January 7, 2009


the first one is my fabulous new kitchen!!!! for as long as i can remember, i've always wanted my very own kitchen.... to put my very own pots and pans away in... to ccok my very own meals... and not wash my own dishes... AND I HAVE ONE NOW!!!! *chris just sent me a picture of our new fridge in the kitchen!!*
the second one is me *duh*in the livingroom. don't mind all the cables. i think the previous tenants watched cable everywhere.... but, my handy man can do many things...
thanks for all your prayers!!!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

oh my beefy beefiness...

chris is going today to sign papers... AND TO GET THE KEYS!

holy mother... i'm really getting married in 3 weeks. i'm really going to be a wife to chris o'roark.

*nervous laughter*

!!!!!!HOW EXCITING!!!!!

in three weeks, about 200 people will be getting ready for my wedding...