Tuesday, September 30, 2008


i just rescheduled my appointment for my yearly physical. it was for the simple reason that i have school on that day. i didn't know i'd have school when i made the appointment in march...

but the thing that sucks... no, not that i'll have to get my blood drawn. and for those of you that remember the fiasco last time, this fact may be a surprise. the thing that sucks.... i foresee a pap in my future.... lame.

i know that i shouldn't have to get one because i'm still not sexually active (check that out pastor stef!) and the last one was normal. but i know my doctor. and she'll totally recommend it... especially since i got one last time... *drats*

and, now that i think about it... i really don't want to get my blood drawn. i guess as long as i don't get the same girl i got last time. i hope esmeralda still works there!!!


Friday, September 26, 2008


i had an episode last night about work...

i have tons to do and not enough time to do it.

pray that i hang in there... just 10 more months. then i get to start an new, dramatical adventure.

please pray for my sanity and stamina here at CHLA. i feel like i'm being spread too thin... and i can't really do too much about it...


Thursday, September 25, 2008


so, cs and i went to calvary chapel shouth bay yesterday to meet with one the pastors for pre-marital counseling... it was interesting.

we met with pastor stef/seth.. i didn't quite catch his name. actually, i think i did catch pastor stef. but seth sounds more normal. eh, i'll ask chris. i wouldn't want to say his name wrong. i know how much It bothers me when people don't say my name right... well, it doesn't really bother me. it just makes me feel like they don't care enough about me to try to remember my name... but enough about that!

he was nice, and i think it'll go pretty well. we are going every other week and working through this workbook called, "preparing for marriage God's Way". so, it's pretty cool. i'm looking forward to learning tools for the future. funny sidenote: he was kinda beating around the bush about asking us if we were sexually active. but he finally just asked, so we were like "no". but, he could have just asked from the beginning. he said he'd be asking us that at every meeting. so, i guess that's cool. maybe i'll say yes one day to freak him out...

then we went to this FABULOUS restaurant. it's a peruvian sushi place in lomita. they have peruvian food and sushi. it's tre tre buhu (how'd you like that one kevin!) yummy. and it's really interesting because there are these obviously japanese people there... and they speak spanish like viko (my sister's peruvian boyfriend). you can't think about it too much...

so, in my way home i was thinking about what chris thinks about a lot... i'm getting married. it's a little daunting when you really think about how your getting married. but, i guess that's a good thing. i mean, i think ms amy would worry about me if i was not slightly freaked out at the idea of living in the same house with chris... forever. this guy who is looking forward to pulling the pillow out from under my head in the middle of the night, like his hero used to. and cooking meals every day.... low carb meals. and, i might even get to raise his children... IT REALLY IS A HUGE THING!!!

but i'm way excited!!! hey... I'M GETTING MARRIED!!!


Wednesday, September 24, 2008


today is... The 4 Month Mark!!

only 4 months left!


i got my 1st test back...

while i was #17 in a class of 50... i still need to study... a lot.

i still intend on getting an A...

i need to study some more.


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

back to life as i currently know it...

we had a super productive weekend. so, you can understand why i really had no desire to get out of bed this morning. you know how you always need a vacation after your vacation? kinda like that, except this wasn't a vacation... it was a wedding planning trip!

dini (my fantabulous FMIL) was like, "when are you guys going to be able to come up just for fun?" think the response was the same as the one i gave learsi when she asked me when i calender was free... FEBRUARY. yeah, i wish you could see me calender. it stresses me out....

anywho, back to our productive weekend.

chris and i (along with dini) went to meet with 2 florists. the first lady was too nice. she was super excited about flowers and my desire to stay away from roses whenever possible. and, she loved my color ideas, she was like, "so may girls stick to white in that tight bunch.... thank you Martha Stewart... i'm so glad you have color!" she was really cool. the second place we went to wasn't nearly as exciting. while the man was nice, i didn't feel the excitement. what chris noticed about this place: the table we were sitting at was super dusty. and, not only was it dusty, there were dead flies on the table... and they were dusty too.
we usually go to church on sunday, but we weren't able to make it. we met with the photographers. we got their information from teh catering manager at the Santa Maria Inn. they were really nice, and they do a very good job. we talked to them about what we needed, and how to best time things. then.... we did out engagement shoot! it was funny, because, if you know chris and i, you know how much we loooove getting out pictures taken. well, me more than chris, but still not too much. they had us in funny poses. if i can figure out how to put pictures up, i will when we get them.
that day we went to the fun trains at Bittercreek Western. we rode on kevin's train, chatted a bit with his BFF rob, and met some of his train friends. they were all like "oh leilani, we've heard so much about you." it was pretty cool. after that, we went to pismo beach for about an hour. i like pismo. it's really nice... then we came and had super yummy dinner!
we left the house nice and early to taste some cakes. mmmmm, they were yummy for the most part. let me just say, our cake will not be strawberry. the place was really cute... like a mom and pop bakery. oh, we put in out cake order... so off the list it goes! while we were walking to the car after the tasting, we talked about how it was nice to be working with these small stores. it feels like our wedding purchases are going back to helping the small businesses in santa maria. not to mention, the people were meeting with are the ones actully doing the work. so, it makes things more personal...
after that... wedding bands! we're getting those through the guy to made my engagement ring. he's funny. we met with him last time were were up there, and talked about certain things. so, this past weekend, we just finalized some stuff. and, we should get our rings when we go up there in november. ps... i love our rings.

then we drove home...

i didn't mention my dramatic story... i got new lotion from bath and body works... and i'm soooo allergic to it. my arms, chest, and belly were red and itchy all weekend. it's finally starting to go away. it makes me sad because it smells so good!

anywho, i should get back to this job thing...


Saturday, September 20, 2008

i heart santa maria

we came up to santa maria this weekend to do some wedding planning... it's been pretty good.

we were able to meet with 2 florists today. and i was totally able to see my vision take on a more visual life! it was nice to talk to people who knew how to get my ideas out of my head into something real... they're going to send me some quotes... pray it might work out!

and, we went to a cute little restaurant where kevin (chris' dad) wants to have the rehearsal dinner. it's really nice, and the food is super good. so, i think we'll probably stick to that place. although, i keep telling him that i don't mind having it at santa maria burger... they make the most AMAZING burgers. really, they make my mouth sing!

so, tomorrow it's off to the photographers! we're going to do all the the important paperwork stuff... then an engagement shoot! we'll see how fun that actually is. but, i'm sure it'll be okay. i mean, i'm way cute, and chris is super hot....


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

i forgot!

i keep forgetting the most important thing!!

so, we have this huge list that i refer to as The List. it's all the things we have to do, categorized by when we need it. you can thank my mom for that organization. but, i was crossing things off the list yesterday and figuring out when things were going to be done.

here i am thinking, "man, we're way on top of this!" anywho, i put the list away and go to the clinic (yes, i plan my wedding while at work. if you must know, i even plan while driving.... hey, there's generally lots of traffic!). i came back up to my office a few hours later, and while i was trying to think about what i needed to do for the next hour, it dawned on me... i forgot to write Get Marriage Licence on the list. so, i had to pull it out, and write it down. then, i had to take my zip drive out to pull up the document to update it. (check out my wedding planner skills).

i told norma *co-worker/office mate* and she just gave me The Look. yeah, i'm a nerd. planning a wedding without figuring in a time for the biggest thing! and, i meant to tell this story on my last blog, but i forgot it again!!

it's just that flowers are so pretty to look at!!


treking through the list...

so, we're still narrowing down the guest list (believe... it's hard. who knew we knew so many people?). and, we still haven't ordered our invites... but darn it, we have thank you notes!

chris showed me these tre buhu cute ones at tarjeh (target) saturday... and now we're tracking them down at various stores in the area. i won't disclose what they look like, but i love them. so far, we're gone to 6 tarjeh locations, finding a good number... today eric (chris' cousin with the hair) will go to the one by where he works... then we should have enough.

oh, and i got 300 stamps... yes, we're making our way down the list...


Saturday, September 13, 2008

if i could write out a scream of annoyance, i would...

is that even how one spells annoyance??

anywho, so.. the main nurse in charge of tons of research studies at work is leaving. nice lady... i'm just upset with her right now. well, not so much her... more like the Endocrine Division as a whole...

you see, since i'm research staff, i get to do all sorts of research. never mind that i run my own study, plus work part time on another. i now have to be the back-up person for 2 other studies, PLUS take over a new one that will be all mine.

i will be working on FOUR research projects... no wait, FIVE (i forgot one) research projects... 3 of which are on a national level. as cool as that sounds (i mean, really, who does this?), it's a ton of work. and, since i'm grant funded, i can't work overtime. so, i'll have to fit about 80+ hours of work into a 40 hour week. oh the joys... at least i'll get to meet new people....

pray for my sanity.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

farewell my friend...

"i have good news and bad news."

that's what my dad said to me after he went to take my car to get it smogged... i told him to give them both to me at the same time, not really thinking he could.

"your going to drive a new car"

how is that an answer to both questions?, says i. the good news, i'm going to drive a new car. the bad news, i'm going to drive a new car... interesting..

you see, my car did not pass the smog test. in fact, it really didn't pass the smog test. it's a wonder i'm still alive! but now, i have to say farewell to my cute little car. so sad... i've only been driving for a little over a year, but i've become attached.

this car took me to work the first time i had to drive alone. it took me to billy and laurel's house when they needed me to watch the kids for a few days... it was my first outing on the freeway alone. i drove back in the rain; it was tre buhu scary. and just 2 months ago i drove it all the way to redlands to see jennifer.... and it takes me to carson when i need to see my other self, and my girls.. and when i need to runway, in my car i go!

but, i know God is in control of all things. so, if i have to take the bus again, He will take care of me. and, He'll make sure i get the car that's exactly way i need and can take on. go God!

so, back to the old post about chris wanting to get me a new car.

"i guess, it's always nice to make new friends"
-giselle, enchanted


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

and now i can really cross it off the list!

i totally got my passport already... wow, US Government, 2 weeks! that's impressive. can i just way that i look way cute in my picture...

oh, the little pamphlet said that world is now mine.. cool.

but at least i can cross that off my wedding to do list!


where am i when all of this happens??

i was watching 90210 last night (yes, i watch it... and, i try to catch ANTM whenever i can), and THEY TOTALLY FILMED IT AT DEL AMO!

that's fine... actually, it's not. they're trying to play the place off as Hollywood & Highland, but they were totally at the new outdoor place in Del Amo. that's isn't the real problem... they real problem is that people from Beverly Hills wouldn't go to either place! Hollywood & Highland is for all the tourists, kids from that area, and from the valley... it's not that cool a of a place. i mean, i used to interview homeless people there. and, people from Beverly Hills wouldn't go to Del Amo either... too many emo teens. they'd go to the Grove, or Farmer's Market on Fairfax... anywho, that's not the reason for this post...

when amy and i went to watch Mamma Mia!, we were wondering about the casting for the movie. there's a scene with a bunch of random women of all shapes and sizes... where was i when the open casting call was made?? and, when they needed extras at Del Amo, again, where was i?? i swear, i've been to that mall more times than i've ever been to South Coast... and we'd go there a few times a week!

i guess that's what happens in LA... 'tis fine... as long as i don't miss my curtain call on Broadway!


Monday, September 8, 2008

i can't breathe.... achoo!

there aren't really any seasons in southern california... well, warm and warmer.. and random cold. but when warmer makes its shift to warm (summer to fall) the breeze picks up a little.. very nice...

unless you are one of those thousands of americans that suffers from fall allergies. no... it isn't fall yet. but, for as long as i can remember i've suffered from allergies for the whole beginning of the school year. ask me best friend; in high school i used to live with tissues always at the ready.

well, i woke up this morning and knew something wsy up... and it really sucked. my eyes wouldn't stop tearing and itching and burning.. then i get to my office, and i sneezed like 15 times in 2 seconds... it sucks. and all the girls in the clinic are like, "are you sick?" i'm tired of saying, "no, i have allergies."

the one thing that really scares me though, is ear infections. when my allergies get really bad my ears get plugged up, then they get infected... lame...

allergies suck.


Friday, September 5, 2008


i just found out that the clinic, thus the whole department, will be closed the day after Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. yay, you say?? nay, says i!!

so yeah, the place is closed, and they're making me stay home. i'd love to stay home.. but the pay comes out of my PTO... that's 6 days that come out of my PTO!!! that's what i'm not okay with!!!

i'm counting my hours so that i'll have enough to take off 2 weeks for the wedding and all of that... but i'm being forced to use 48 of my precious hours because they decide the place is going to be closed!!! i was going to have 125 hours for the time of the wedding... but now, it looks like i'll barely make it...lame!!

but i'll stop ranting because i know i have it better than many others... but it's still upsetting that i'm being forced to take these days off, and it's like i'm being penalized for it too...


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

yay statistics...

i'm a student again!

so, if i want to go to the Master of Social Work program at Azusa Pacific University next fall, i need to take a stats class in the very near/current future. *current future?? what is that??* anywho, i live right by East Los Angeles College.... yay statistics... in more ways than one.

i tried to enroll last month, but all of the classes were full... all 15 sections! i didn't realize stats was such a popular class. and this coming from someone with a degree in Political Science who works in the research field... whatever. i made a plan: i was going to go to every single evening class and try to get it. regardless of the time... i needed in!

*for the girls: i'm listening to ABBA*

so went to ELAC after work yesterday, and it occurred to me, "i've never driven myself to school, thus, i've never had to look for parking ." let me just say, looking for parking really sucks. i had to park like 2 blocks from the school, up a random hill. i don't mind the walk... but i'm not a huge fan of having to jaywalk across a super busy *note: they drive fast* street. plus, there's a ton of construction at ELAC. anywho, i made it to the campus alive. i'm just kinda worried about parking far when it gets darker in the next few months.

okay, now i have to look for the class. i find the class. then, i have to sit around and pray that the teacher lets me in. the teacher is nice and funny. he kinda remind me of my Blueprint LSAT instructors, except less vulgar. all he talks about is how America is a great country *true*, and how (the) Bush(s) ruined the country *i remain silent*, and how everyone calls him a terrorist *he's Persian*. it's kinda funny some times... but other times in can be inappropriate.

anywho, being the master of statistics that he is, he had to devise a mathematical plan on how to pick 15 people out of 35 to let into his class. he made some sort of Excel Sheet calculation... and i ended up as #2 on the list of adds... yay!!! i'm way happy because i was able to get into the first class i sat in on!

go tuesday/thursday math 227 from 5:35pm-7:20. the last night class included a hot guy that would walk me to his car and then take me home... i'm pretty sure that will not happen this time. but it's okay... i like my hot man.

oh, and i don't have to buy the book!


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

one more thing off the list... kind of

i finally turned in all of my stuff for my passport last friday!!! yay for me... except i should have done it sooner... so, no real celebration.

anywho, they had to take my picture again because the lady said that my picture would not work... my bangs were covering too much of my face. i should have known. i moved my part because the side bangs were getting a little long and thick. i think it looks much bette now.

any... back to my story. i lke this picture better. i'm smiling and i look cute and everything. so, hopefully i'll be getting that back soon. then, we can get our tickets for the honeymoon (!!!). although, i'm already getting a little freaked out about having to fly so far... i'm not a huge fan of flying. i usually spend my whole vacation thinking about how i have to get in a plane to fly home. but, i'm way excited!

can i just say, i'm really excited to get married. so far, planning this wedding is becoming the most dramatic and stressful thing. and that has nothing to do with things that need to get done for the wedding.... it's everything else. and, i don't even know how many times i've asked chris if we can just go to the courthouse... but, i'm really happy. i'm really excited for everything after january 24th... i'm really looking forward to februaury!