Friday, April 24, 2009

where the heck is delaware!!!!

so, i have done this thing about a million times. and delware still tends to elude me. lame... enjoy!


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

oh the work out fun...

These are my two new workout buddies... And let me tell you, they really help! My Bollyrobics is awesome. REALLY. there are 3 dances from three different movies, and each dance includes a warm up, step by step teaching, the actual dance, and a cool down. it turns into a nice 40 minute work out. i usually try to do some weights after i do a dance routine. and The Shred... well that just kicks my butt. the first 5 minutes are brutal. but it gets *a little bit* better. you should have seen my on saturday... i was in pain. it hurt to sneeze! but, it's good!!

anywho, yesterday was great. heather and elisabeth came over for dinner. heather came after the gym, during my Shred. so, she just jumped in with me. it was cool. then we did Bollywood!!! man was that funny! thanks, heather, for trying! then, after dinner, we were telling elisabeth about heather's experience, so she had to try it. so, after heather left (to go to boxing. she is very champion!), we decided to do mahive (best. dance. ever.). chris has the best rendition of what happened. this is his reenactment *he was in the kitchen*....
leilani: "move your hips elisabeth!"
elisabeth: "i can't! they don't move!"
leilani: "no, your hips! move your hips!"
elisabeth: "i can't!!!! i'm white!!!"
it was awesome!
so, i ended up doing about an hour and a half of work out yesterday. hopefully, this will continue. i'm currently sore. amy said that it goes away the more you move. must. keep. moving.
oh, and i get to do a 5k run/walk on saturday. last year i was more run that walk.. not so much now....

Monday, April 20, 2009

coming up to the 3 month mark....

friday will be three months.

how exciting!!!

that's all.


Thursday, April 16, 2009

darn it.

this easter we went o my parents house. sister and viko were there, yay. but, being that she's my sister and we have that "i tell you the truth about how you look b/c we're family and you love me anyway..." thing going on.... she asked me about my weight.

yes, i've gained weight. no, mami, i'm not working out. no anyone else, i don't have too much time to do so. darn it ashley, when are we going for our walking date?!?


it sucks. between thanksgiving to now i've gained about 10 pounds. yikes! i don't rally know what happened. i think it was a combination of: the holidays, the fact that my dress was big and i needed to fill it in, honeymoon food, lots of juice in the fridge, i love pasta... you name it.

so, i see lizzy all cute and getting skinnier by the minute, and it makes me think, "man, i need to get on that train." however, i've always had the biggest problem with will power. i mean, really... have to met my shopping problem? i think the only thing that stops me is having to explain spent money to chris. that and the fact that i never have a chance to go to the mall!

but... i think i came up with a solution.

i bought 5 lb weights and The Shred dvd. it's by jillian from the Biggest Loser. and, i have this workout thing in the fitness mags i get. don't laugh. yes, i get fitness magazine. it's kinda like a motivator. anywho, i did 4 of the 10 work outs the mag, and my butt was kicked. really. i was dying. man am i out of shape!! gracie, remember when i could hack the whole latin cardio thing!?! i think i'd die in it now!

okay, so here is my new plan. and i tell you so you can all help me keep this routine up.
1) bring oatmeal and yogurt to work for breakfast
2) bring lunch to work (no, i don't usually do that... but i will)
3) do some sort of work out between getting home and dinner 4 times a week
4) hopefully get together with ashley about going walking on saturday mornings
5) eat smaller portions
6) drink more water
7) make healthier meals (helps me and cs!)

so, today, i will get home prepare dinner, do about 35 minutes of whatever this Shred is, then do dinner. maybe i can get chris in on it too! eh, he just wants to see my butt get all cute a perky again.... man do i miss the ymca!


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

the waiting game....


i'm currently in the nurses station waiting for my patients to come in. it's lame. whenever i have am appointment, i try really hard to be on time, if not early.

but, not these people. grrrrr...

not only that, once they are here, their docs are running so far behind that the patients end up being in the clinic for 2 hours. even more! it's lame....

so, next time you have to go to the doctor, 1) get the earliest appointment in the day (that's when the docs are still *kinda* on time), and 2) be on time!!! or early!!!

that's all.


Friday, April 10, 2009

kevin and his train

my father-in-law, loves trains. it cracks me up. growing up, my dad always loved train stuff. so, when chris told me about how his dad loved trains, i was like, "yeah, my dad does too." then we proceeded to tell me in more depth and detail... would that my dad loved trains this much.

anywho, here's a cool shot of kevin giving people a ride on his train. yes, i said his... i guess we all know what my children will be doing when they visit their santa maria grandparents...


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

cuteness on parade...

i love little animals....

i'm tired....

that's all. physically, emotionally... every "lly" you can think of... i'm just tired.

part of me thinks it stress. the other part thinks i'm going crazy. either way, it sucks.


Thursday, April 2, 2009

it's almost two years.

this weekend will be the two year mark of something that shaped, and is still shaping, so many lives around me. mike's passing.

it's been a long road. really, i think if he were to see us all at two years, he wouldn't recognize us at all. well, physically we all look the same (except amy and elisabeth, they're looking good!), but spiritually, we are all different people. and, i think we're better than we were then.

i've said it before, and i'll say it until i leave this earth... we are in the process of fulfilling what mike wanted for the Christian youth of the world. he wanted us to be closer to God. he wanted us to trust more, be more faithful. i can honestly say that i am. it's been a struggle, but i know there is an amazing prize for all my perseverance.

i have seen us all grow in so many ways; it's incredible. i know it still hurts. really, it's painful for all of us to think of what happened to years ago and what has been since then. but, God shapes us in ways we won't understand until The Day of Our Lord.

i am incredibly grateful for all the pain. it sucks, but it turns our eyes to the One who heals all, the One who will hold us in the mists of all the pain.

we must continue to pray for each other. and always know that Christ is supreme over all.