Friday, November 28, 2008


yesterady i asked chris what he was going to get me for christmas with all this holiday pay he got from working thanksgiving....

his answer: "a wedding"

does that mean no present???


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

it's always an exciting time planning my wedding...

i got a phone call yesterday that some fabulous news.... that was kinda sucky (sorry fran..... i am excited!! really... but sad too...)

my cousins frances, scott, and elijah got the phone call they had been dreaming of. the phone call that told them that they had a court date!!!! yay!!!! it really is exciting.... even if it is 2 days before the wedding.

that's right. they will be in ethiopia when i get married. i almost started crying when she told me. i was excited for them, but really sad for me. but not in a selfish way, i don't think. even if they weren't going to have any part in the wedding, it's hard for me to imagine getting married and not have them there. even as i type this, i'm holding back my tears.

frances and scott are these amazing people that mean the world too me. they were the one's who made me really see God, and what He meant to me. they are the people that would tell me when they weren't happy of what i was doing... and when they were bursting at the seams with pride in me. i mean, they flew out to la all the way from ohio for my collage graduation! it was so huge for them that they had to be there.

and now, it really isn't about finding someone else to do the ceremony, or having my aunt play instead of my cousin... it's about the fact that some of my closest family won't be able to be there.

but, i really am way happy for them! i told them before, if the baby comes then, go get the baby. that is more important than my wedding. and, i can't wait to meet my new cousin, jonathan. then,maybe they can come in the summer time and i can get him a peter pan hat from disneyland.... to match his big brother's!


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

60 days and counting...

holy mother... 60 days? seriously?? *yikes*

so, this weekend we did a billion things for the wedding. i felt so bad because cs was so sick this weekend. but, he drove us up to santa maria and around santa maria for our appointments. it was great... here's a recap..

~saturday 11/22~
we left my house at about 6:45am... yes, you read corretly. we drove up the 101 for a few hours, stopped at seaward in ventura for breakfast at mcdonalds. chris had a sausage egg mcmuffin stacker. if you know him, you can totally see this. her was hungry, but couldn't do too much carby bread, so i suggested getting two egg mcmuffins and putting them together. he gave me this look that said "My beautiful Leilani, you are a genius!!!" i try.
but back to the important stuff... we got to santa maria about 10:00ish. way earlier that expected, but it was great. we got to hang out with the worlds greatest inlaws for a bit before going to mee with Roxann, our florist. she's great, and i totally love working with her. plus, our flowers will actually be LESS than that budget! yay!!
then, chris and went to get lunch.. hello santa maria burger!!! mmmmmmm, i want it now! for any you going to the wedding, santa maria burger is a must!!
okay, then dini and i went to meet with bruce to do my hair trial #2. it went really well. it took a bit, but he got my vision... i'm excited!
then.... THANKSGIVING!!! dini made the full on meal because cs and i weren't going to be up there for the actual day. amy will... let me tell you are they excited! *i think they like amy more than they like me.. .and if they likeme more than they like chris... well, i guess you know who the favorite child is!* okay, back to the food.. amazing! i think cs expects me to make such magical dinners when we get married... i'll have to take some lessons....

~sunday 11/23~
we woke up that morning to make ceviche for kevin. i made it for him the first time i went up to santa maria 3 years ago *dude that was a loooong time ago* before chris and i were dating. why was i up there? long story. but, as you guessed, i was not so secretly in love with him then... anywho, we were all chopping and stiring; it was great.
then cs and i had to go meet with out photog. nice guy... i like his dog daisy. anywho, it was fun. we got to get a timeline with them in order. *huge help* and it was nice to know that he and his wife were like "it's your day, anything that happens, planned or not, we'll just be taking pictures!". so nice... and we really like his work. so, it'll be great.
when we came home, we had left over turkey sandwiches.. yummy! then dini and i went to look fro mother of the groom dresses. there were some nice ones. i liked the gray and black ones... but cs and kevind are like "what's wrong with you!! it's a wedding". dini, wear what makes you feel pretty!
we came home and everyone fell asleep. it was great. were we're all sitting in the living room watching tv.. then one by one we fell.. chris didn't fall asleep then, but her did later!
and we got ready for the san juans to come over for dinner. we had ceviche and tostadas de frijoles. we talked wedding the whole time, since michelle and sheldon just got engaged. chris amd i tried to share some of our wisdom with them. if anything, i hope tehy got 2 things out of it.. .michelle, buy your dress soon!! and that there still needs to be money for after the wedding too. but, i think they'll be okay!

~monday 11/24~
two months to go!
that morning we went to the santa maria inn to meet with sarah, the sales manager. we got to check out the rooms, i'm sorry, suites, that we'll be staying in. oh my moses, it's fabulous! she's really nice. she and her husband will be coming to the wedding too. oh, and she's anthony and cheryl *the sanjuans form the nite before*'s daughter in law. yes, we like to keep things in the family.
after that we went to put a deposit on our cake. and bought soem jalapeno cheese bread...
then.... the rings!!! we got our rings!!! i wanted to keep mine on. i think chris is going to have to hide them really well, so we won't go to the courthouse.... but, it'll be okay... my dress is too fabulous to run to the courthouse!
then we went back home to ahev ceviche for lunch with kevin... went to visit dini at work... then headed home.

chris missed work again last night... pray that her gets better. he couldn't talk on sunday, i felt so bad.. my poor little man...

best part of the weekend... lookign through old pictures for the slide show... it was great! i love chris as a little boy. and, i think i probably wouldhave had a crush on him when he was in high school....


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

totally had a bomb bridal shower this weekend!

i'm lame... i haven't blogged about it yet... but here you go!

it was fantastical. and there were a ton of people there. chris' mom and aunts came; so that was cool. my mom was really nervous to meet nina and aunt lu... but i think it went well. i was sad that chris' aunt irene didn't come... but that's okay.

so, the party started on friday when it took me 2 HOURS to get to santa ana to pick up ely. traffic on the 5 was horrible... but it was worth it! i picked her up, then we went to ziba to get my eyebrows did (tre nice), and took the 405 home. the 5 north was worse the 5 south... no way was i getting on that back home!

anywho, we got to my house and it was total chaos. amy and diana had come over to help learsi set things up (my parents were in texas for my grama's funeral... they flew back early saturday morning). adriana *my other mother* and abraham were there with broken amred sophi to bring table and chairs. i wanted to get inside the house, but i was not allowed. so, i was given keys to move cars from the driveway... yes, we're soo mexican we have a ton of cars sitting around! after moving cars around, i was finally let into the house.

pizza and my little rubi flying around the house... that's what i was met with. then i walked into the kitchen... i think they bought every imaginable thing to feed the world the next day....

because this could get very long if i keep describing play by play... i'll get quick...

i got a ton of gifts for the house... sooo many... now i have to write ll the thank you notes... i have a year, right? *kidding* lots of unmentionables. let me just say that we don't know miss elisabeth as well as we think we do!

it was so much fun. i'm so thankful for my mom and my sister for working so hard, even with my grama's passing so recent. and i'm super thankful for amy, diana, eli, elisabeth, jenny, adriana, sophi *and her cast*, and everyone else that helped.

i'm so happy that so many people came. it was great to feel the love from all of my friends and family. i wish the out of town bakers lived closer... but i know you were there in spirit!!

thank you all for everything! now... on to january!


Monday, November 17, 2008

i love the smell of smoke...

there are 3 things in you can count on for sure in la... traffic, earthquakes, and fires in the call. everything else in la is a perk. really.

there are about a ton of things burning up in the greater los angeles area (this covers most of san bernadino and orange county.. why? because.). yesterday was really bad around home. diamond bar is about 15-20 minutes from my house, and it was burning up. so, there was tons of ash on the cars and smoke everywhere. it smelled great! really, it made me crave a hot dog and a hamburger or two.

but in all honesty, it really sucked. on friday, 200 homes were lost in montecito. then on saturday, about 500 mobile homes were lost in sylmar. there were other countless homes lost in corona and in places i don't even know the names of. it's really sad...

but, it's really just this huge reminder of how fleeting everything is. of how everything we have, want, work for... its all essentially nothing. it can be taken away in an instant, and sometimes there is really nothing we can do about it. except trust God. but really, that's all we can do anyway.

at GAP last night we were going over what we learned from 2nd Timothy... and everything came back to the charge Paul gave to Timothy... to never back down, to never be ashamed, to live a life the exudes Christ and His death on the cross, to be ready to fight for Christ, to be willing to loose it all for His sake.

how does this have anything to do with the fires in la... our treasure is not here! we are here to reach other for Christ! that is is our work. all we have, everything, is a gift that He has given us because of His grace.

so, pray for those who lost everything. but pray even harder for those who will loose more if we don't reach them! and pray for our hearts and our minds so that we will always focus on The Truth. pray for our courage and our willingness!!

why to i love the smell of smoke? because it means we're fanning the flames!!


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

this one is the best....

this is our favorite picture... well.. it's my favorite anyway. there are other super cute ones... but i really like this one because i think you can really see how we feel.... ahhh, he makes me happy!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

just thought i'd try this out...

i think it worked!!!



ahh... now i just have to sit back and wait for the rsvp's... oh, the invites went out. yay!!!

now.. we need place to live! i'm still not too freaked out. but, if by when obama officially becomes president i don't have a place to rest my pretty little head... be prepared to meet super freak out leilani!


Friday, November 7, 2008

prayer please!!

i haven't looked at a single place on craigslist all week. yeah. i know...

we need place! i know God will provide. in fact, He already has a place for us! i'm sure of this... so, we'll just remain faithful, knowing that God will always take care of us!


lame... and then not so much..

little glitch... but it'll be fine. actually, after talking to chris about it, and him being oh so cool about it.. it was fine... i felt better!

oh!!! learsi's boyfriend, viko, is going to email me the *edited* pictures that he took last weekend. i never even mentioned it... it was lots of fun. it think learsi and viko should become a photog team. it'll be great! learsi has this great eye for certain shots. and viko likes to be way artsy about how to take the pictures. plus, they're both perfectionists.

i promise that i'll try to figure out how to post pictures for my next one!


Thursday, November 6, 2008

my pretty invitations

we finally are getting to the point where we can actually send them all out! we're sooo behind. well, just a day or two. but still... yay!!

we have this assembly line going for putting the stuff together then stuffing all of the into an envelope, then shoving all of that into the bigger envelope... oh the drama. but, i think they look so nice! remember, nothing dramatic.. but still pretty!

chris and i have been at it off and on since this past saturday. but, i think we're finally ready to start addressing them!

hopefully they will all be out by satuday morning!!



i finally figured out how to use my calculator to my advantage!!

the world of statistics is now mine!!!



Wednesday, November 5, 2008

new policies.. new president...

not a real reflection about everything that happened last night.. more of a reflection about who Jesus is...

because of Christ, i really don't have to worry about what an election holds. i am a firm believer of the truth that God is in control of everything, and does all things for His pleasure and His glory. regardless of who won, i know the real battle is still being waged. not only that, but the real battle has already been won by God!! no need to loose sleep!

whether you agree with Obama being president, pray for him. he has a huge job to do, and the way he does it will affect all of us. be grateful that you live in a nation that, with all it's flaws, has a system that allows us to get off our butts to tell the world how we feel. be grateful that you praise a God who will carry you through every hardship, and that is in control of all things.


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

it's election day.. and i'm tired..

of people opposing Prop 8, that is...

i'm just really annoyed with the arguments and the tv ads... it has nothing to do with civil rights people!!

we all know how i feel about homosexual relationships in general; it's sinful. and that's that. but, being someone who studied the science of politics and studied civil rights laws.. i am particularly annoyed by Prop 8.

it's just... it's not a civil rights issue. for them to say that it's just like when blacks and whites couldn't marry.. it so isn't!! as far as i know (and i know a lot of random information), homosexuality is neither a race nor a gender. it is not something you are born with, it is a choice you make. there is no other way to look at it. now, if there was some sort of legal citing saying that homosexuality was a race or a gender, i would say that , yes, they are being discriminated against and it is a civil rights issue. would i join their camp, no.

but, that being said... you can't really discriminate someone on their lifestyle choice. now, i like pink.. i love pink. the store across the street only sells green items. will i go shopping there? probably not. will i sue them because they don't sell pink? no. it's my choice. the day i chose to like pink, i limited my options on other things.

aside from the sin that is homosexuality... choosing to be homosexual and choosing to live that lifestyle is much like my dilemma of shopping at that darn green store. you know the law says you can't get married. but, that's what you chose! you all make decisions that affect things we want. i'm getting married knowing that i'm in no position to buy a house. i can wait 'til a house is within my reach... but i want to get married now. who am i to complain that there is no way for me to buy a house! it's ridiculous!

i just don't get it... it isn't a civil rights issue! it's a choice! you choose to be gay or lesbian, deal with the fact that you can't be legally married.

there... i've said my piece. and, if you have any questions... i have a few books about the constitution of this country. marriage isn't a right.. it's a privilege... homosexuality isn't a gender or race... it's a lifestyle.

that's it. i couls say more... but i won't...