Tuesday, June 23, 2009


i'm finally Leilani O'Roark at work... like for real. if i call anyone, that's the name that appears on their caller id... how odd...


Monday, June 22, 2009

it's been forever.. i know...

things have been going well. mostly work, work and cooking. i totally missed blogging about Resolved. it was Fantastic. it really was. there were about 4,000 people in attendance this year, so that was a little insane. the messages were really good. i think you might be able to check them out no the web page... check it out... and maybe come next year!

other major thing... i got the information for my possible internship placement. i have to go for an interview, then hope that they pick me for the position. but, aside from that, i'm kinda excited. the place is called The Alliance for Children's Rights. i wasn't sure if i wanted to work with anything child related, and i told the people at APU who placed me that. but i guess they thought i should. it looks really cool.
so, i now need to go find something that looks professional enough for my interview... you'd think i'd have something by now!


Monday, June 8, 2009


after reading my previous post i came to one conclusion... i say "cool" entirely too much.

that's all.


Friday, June 5, 2009

chris and the msw students

so, yesterday there was a field orientation of all full-time MSW students at azusa. it was pretty cool. we did a campus tour. let me just say, after CSULB, APU is downright tiny! chris and i were like, "this is it???". a few of the other people came from small schools too, so it wasn't a big deal to them. but i was like, "really, this is the BIG parking lot???" there's like 500 spaces. i'm used to HUGE parking lots, along with parking structures! plus, it's about 20 minutes to walk through the whole school, while talking time to notice all the nice things.... biggest thing though, NO FAST FOOD PLACES. at CSULB there are like 50 places you can go for food. including El Pollo Loco, Subway, and Carl's Jr. here, there's the caf. as in cafeteria...

but, all in all. i think i'm going to like it. it might be smaller than what i know, but that makes it more intimate. my MSW class with me about 40 people. only about 25 are full-time students. and of those 25, there are about 10 who have my same Community Practice concentration. so it'll be really cool to work so closely with my instructors and my peers. plus, before we started the orientation, we PRAYED. how cool it that?! i mean, it was kinda expected because it's a Christian school, but still not expected at all. it was really cool.

now, to the fun part. chris really wanted to come with me. which i think is fantastic, because he gets to go through all of the program with me. i was the only one who brought family (tee-hee.. it's still odd to think of chris as my family). and, they included him in everything. there were so few people there that when we had to to partner interviews as an icebreaker, he was paired with this girl. he had to get up in front of everyone and "introduce her". and, she had to "introduce" him. so, the whole program knows we're newly weds and that he's in interpreter at Long Beach Memorial. that was cool.

then we went over interviews and what to expect on our interviews for our internship. that was cool. i hate interviews. i always feel really good about them, but i'm secretly freaking out too. i guess it's good if it remains secret! we split up into groups and did mock interviews with the department admin who were there. chris didn't interview (but one of my future professors was like, "you're going to get an honorary MSW"), but he did give his input on us. which i thought was really cool.

so, yesterday was good for a few reasons. 1) as able to meet people that could potentially be great friends. 2) i got valuable input on interviewing. 3) i was able to meet my instructors and hopefully they were able to see that i really want to be in the program. 4) they al met my cute husband and got to see that he too is interested in what i'm doing. 5) i was able to spend that day with chris. 6) i saw how important what i want to achieve is to chris and how important it is to him to be there for me.

yesterday was a good day.


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

after the wedding comes....

school, of course!

i think this blog is about to become all things MSW...