Wednesday, June 9, 2010

ps... my husband is hot,


look. ma! new post!!!

so, here are a few things i've done this summer...

week number #1 of my vacation was insane. it started with a trip to Santa Maria to spend mother's day with my fave mama-san. that was fun. we ate, and went shopping. then we ate some more. sadly, thought, we came home to attend a funeral for a great aunt. we were able to see lots of family, though.

the following week, we drove to Phoenix with Nina (another great aunt). on the way there, in riverside, a tire *wheel and all* fell from the sky and hit my car. chris was driving while Nina and i were sleeping. it was insane. and my pooooor car. i need a new bumper. i felt so bad, like my car was in pain!
but, we made it to Phoenix, and had some much needed relaxation. Nina kept trying to get us to go out and have fun, but, really, lounging around on the couch was soooo much better! chris redid the front and back yards, and i layed out by the pool and cooked a lot. we miss Nina. can we go back now please??? on our way back we went up the 40 to Sedona, Flagstaff, hung out in Laughin for a bit, ate dinner in Barstow *never again*.. it was a good trip.

after that, we came home only to relax for a few days before heading back to Santa Maria for....... The Chapel Car!! i drove up with astrid *who drives waaay t fast* and amy. when we got to the in-laws house, we waited for my parents, who were hanging out in Santa Barbara, so we could have yummy dinner. the next day, after an early run walk, we embarked on the train. soooo fun!!! the message was good, the food was good, the company was good.... then, The Races. i don't like the races. too loud. but, at least i got to wear my super cute pink hearing protectors!!! highlight of the trip was the cute little piggy!!!!! *sigh* i want to steel him!

so, after that... i can't remember. i'm sure something happened the next weekend, because something is ALWAYS happening... when i remember, i'll get back to you.

but, for now, i'm looking forward to a) more tanning, b) joni's wedding, c) prisci's wedding, d) Resolved, e) our trip to Vegas!