Wednesday, December 31, 2008

24 Days and MAJOR NEWS... well, hopefully...

i think... we may... have... a place.

yes, it's true. we should be signing the papers and giving the deposit this weekend. and then.... the newest o'roarks will have a place to live.... *EEEEEEEK*

i had a mini freak out this at 5am this morning. i had to call chris.... don't yell at me, he was at work, wide awake!!

i just woke up and thought about all the things that need to get done in 3 weeks. why did i ever go to micheals??? i need to stop going on the theknot!!! too many ideas! but, i already started, so i can't stop now!!!

then, i thought about all the things will need to actually live. first, we're going to be paying rent. i'm going to cook for someone every day. as excited as i am about that, i think it's starting to freak me out a little bit. plus, we'll have to buy our own things... go grocery shopping for ourselves.. i feel the need for a job upgrade.. real fast!

not just that, but we need a bed, and a bed frame. i need a new dresser... we need a fridge, a couch.... an hd tv converter!!! oh my moses... we don't even have sheets!!!

i should stop, i'm starting to breathe heavily again...

seriously???? seriously.


Monday, December 29, 2008


26 DAYS!!!!!

Holy Mother!!!!!

amy!!!! we need to get a craftin'!!!!! are you free saturday???? who's free on saturday!!!


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

so i got a text this morning....

from miss e baldwin... it said "One month!:)"....

oh my holymen!!!! i'm getting married in one month!!!!

honestly, this is really insane to think about. cs and i went to check out these apartments in lakewood. they are not too far from where joel and ashley live. we were approved for a place in the same complex where they live, but would couldn't wrap our mind around paying $1425 a month. *yikes* is right! so, we let that go. we were kinda worried that we were letting our only option go... but we got over that pretty quick!

anywho, we saw two places in this funny little complex that has about 20 units. i thought the place was cute. the two apartments were on the 2nd floor, and one had 1 bedroom while the other had 2. i liked both. i like the 2 bedroom because the living room/dining room looked bigger. but, the 1 bedroom was nice too. the bedroom was bigger than the other place.... plus, you 'll never believe the storage space! seriously, the hall closet could qualify as a second bedroom! and, this one is no where near $1425.... we applied for it...

in all the house hunting, i'm really sad. the chance of bringing rubi with us gets slimmer and slimmer. i almost started to cry yesterday when learsi was after me about considering a place that had no room for her. i know what she means, but, it's not like you can just rent a place with a yard that lets you have a dog! it's soooo sad... i wish i could bring my little baby with me.. but, i know God has a plan...

my plan for her?? introduce her to this spastastic dog i know, sampson. then i'll let amy take her... dude, those two dogs would drive her crazy!! imagine: 120 lbs of psycho dogs! little rubi jumping like a loon, and sam joining her! too fun!!! yes, we must plan a play date!

anywho, so... i get married in a month!!! i'm sooooooooooo exciiiiiiited!!! slightly freaked out, but i think that's normal....


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

fun update!

norma and i are moving!!!

we got an email yesterday that we're getting the office with a window! yay!!! there's actually room on that office!


now, to pack...


Monday, December 22, 2008


it's raining again...


i just wanted...

to post a pretty picture!
you see, lizzy.... he does look at the camara!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

beauty is such a pain

PSA: there will be graphic language in the following post...


i've been going to get facials every month for the last 7 months. it's great.. really, it is. i really look forward to going and getting my pores de-clogged. then she does the fabulous micodermabrasion. i have spent a not so small fortune on getting my face bridal ready...

however, there are times when it isn't so fun. like yesterday. my face has been misbehaving rather badly these last 2 weeks. and, i suffered greatly for it.

i knew it was going to be painful when i woke up last friday to feel some of those yucky under-the-skin pimples. you know.. the really painful ones? so yeah, i had more than one. i said to myself "self: at least you have an appointment to get a facial on wednesday" then i cried a little b/c i knew it would hurt.

flash forward to yesterday. when i got to the office, the facial lady called me into the room and i told her that my face was doing pretty bad lately. she agreed and prepared me for what lay ahead.

for those of you who haven't had a facial before.. they aren't all fun and games. if you have to go for an acne cleansing... be prepared to cry! first, she wiped my face with cleanser and left me under the humidifier for about 10 minutes. and that's when the fun ended.

with out too much gore: they get this sharp little tool and stab you pore to open it up. then, if it's a small one, they use this scraper thing to extract whatever is inside. but, if it's big, they stab it a few more times and squeeeeeze the life out of it. i thought i was going to die! i swear there was blood and nast everywhere!

it was horrible!

but, now, after surviving the worst facial of my life (yeah... it was that bad... *tear*), i think i'll be okay. i made two more appointments between now and the wedding. so, hopefully i will be bridal ready... or, i will be using a TON of make-up.


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

i love winter time!!!

except when it's tre buhu cold!!!

sure, it's only, like, 50 degrees, and our friends out on the east coast are really suffering... but we usually have sun!!

although, i must say... i like the rain. don't like driving in it too much, but i still like it.

all i ask is that the clouds get all the rain out of their system by mid-january. really, once the 27th, 28th start rolling around, feel free to rain again. but, from the 20th to the 26th, i want sunshine!!


Monday, December 15, 2008

holy cow...

40 Days!!!!

i'm getting married in 40 days!!!

we're filling out applications for apartments... pray we get something soon! chris is feeling the stress more than i am because, and i quote, "he's the guy".... i heart that he wants to take care of me. and, i heart that he like for me to take care of him... i like doing that.

but... seriously... 40 days!


Friday, December 12, 2008

new fun on the wedding front...

too much work at work to really get in to it all but... here go my checks...

1) had the dress fitting *yay* i loooooooove my dress. it's fabulous. i wish i could wear it every day. but alas, i must treasure those moments when petra makes me stand on the platform and stare at myself in the mirror....

2) rsvp deadline in here!!!! those of you you have yet to send them... send them! or, you may receive a phone call from either myself or the handsome christopher. so far, we have plenty of people who have promised t be there.... now, if you say are coming... that makes me excited.... so you can't decide that day to not come!! *sigh*

3) we have our marriage license!!!! it gets harder not to run off and get married. but, then we think about all that we already have invested... no way would i run off now! although, these next 43 days might just kill me! i still have about a million things to do! luckily for me, amy gets bored when she's not at work... i love when she's on vacay!

4) we found a few possibilities for housing... the likelihood that little rubi won't come with us is very high *tears* *many tears* but i know that whatever God gives us will be perfect!

i think that's about it for now... actually, wait!!! i have something!!!! trivial and frivolous, but still..... i found my wedding nail polish!!! no, i'm not doing the french tip thing.... so happy!!!


Monday, December 8, 2008

oh disneyland, oh disneyland... how pretty is you singing...

yesterday i had the fun job of being a chaperon as disneyland for my little cassandra's choir. they we part of the candlelight ceremony that disneyland has every year. i guees her choir was selected last year, and again this year... but this was cass' first year to go.

it was really cool.

first, after driving around east la and whittier foreeever, we finally made it on the road. after much drama with leaving after the bus, loosing the bus, and having the bust get lost, we finally made it our parking lot. then, there was drama with getting the kids snacks. *ha, i call them kids and they area all taller than me!*

finally, like 6 million hours after we got to the parking lot, we were able to head down to the backstage area. yes, i was backstage in mickey's house. as odd as it was, it still didn't loose any of the magic! i loooove disneyland!

so, we went with the choir to this huge warehouse full of singers.. .all ages. i think the choir total was about 500. it was pretty impressive. but the coolest thing was when the director came out, she lisfter her batton, sang the first couple of bars of The First Noel explaining what she wanted and directed them to begin. then, in this perfect unison, in this amazing harmony, 500 voices started singing. it was amaaazing!

anywho... so they were going to practice for the next 12 hours... okay, maybe 2, but still. with disneyland right on the other side of the wall.. are you kidding me! sandra (cass' mom/fellow chaperon) and decided to go out to the park. it was nice. we walked around quite a bit... got on two rides. walked to california adventures and had some dinner. can you believe we saw a cat, yes.. a real cat, walking around? huh, that's what i said!

anywho, we shopped a little too. then we got ready to get in line to watch cass and about 500 other singers put on one heck of a show..

the show was fabulous! i love it. i was sooo proud of cassandra for being up there singing. it was really cool to be there. even if i did get home at 1am, and my feet still hurt. i really enjoyed it...

but, as always, there is more the story.

the narrator (john stamos, anyone?) actually read from the bible during the ceremony. like, he would read verses, then they would sing. the way they do at most churches for the christmas program. and that made me think...

i was reminded of paul when he said that there were those who would preach the gospel out of anger or selfishness and hate, and there were those who would preach out of love. and that he would rejoice in both, because regardless of how, the gospel was being preached. and that's what disneyland reminded me of.

it made me think of out society and how so many are willing to just throw out these words, without really knowing what they're saying. did john stamos know he was sharing the story of the True Jesus to all the people? maybe, i don't know. but i do know that as much as i love disneyland, it really isn't very christian of a place. nor are too many other places.. you know?

however, i think cass said it best later that night when we were on our way home. sandra and i we're mentioning what i just wrote about.. and cass, being her super enlightened 16 year old self said, "but i kept waint for them to say that He's still alive. they just ended on that He was killed, they never said anything about Him coming back to life."

i hadn't even realized that. i was so busy making this big dissertation in my head about paul and false teachers and i hear cass' take on the whole thing...

ahh yes, they do listen some times!


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

ms baldwin...

are you no longer thankful? i did so like reading what you were thankful for..... how about you count down from now until christmas about the gifts Christ has given you....

hey, i'll do it too! starting tomorrow we'll have the 21 days of christmas (hey, we will have already missed 3 days by then!)!!! oh, the fun!!

anyone else... join in! you know you have nothing better to to do than to think and talk about the wonderful things God has given you!



i don't like quiznos.

but i'm lame because i know this, but keep go back to see if maybe it's different. it's not. it's yucky.

someone kick me.


Monday, December 1, 2008

had a fabulously productive saturday!!!

yay the shopping!!

amy came over friday night (you should ask her about all the freeways she was on... her poor car!) and we made a plan of action for saturday. i dont remember what time we went to bed... but i'm sure it wasn't as late as other times we've gone to bed. *side note* we all slept over at amy's house once and we up 'til 3 doing elisabeth's hair.. then around 4 or 5, amy, elisabeth and i fell asleep on the rug on floor, and astrid and gracie slept on the couch. we then woke up at like 8am... it was great! or the time elisabeth tried to sleep on my head... oh the sleep over fun!

anywho, we went to bed around 1... you see, early! then we were up but about 9. amy was desperate to play with rubi. i think you can say rubi was excited too! we didn't have breakfast b/c there was no food. really, even my mom was like "there's no food!"

so off we went... *i drove all day* we went to micheals first and spend like 2 hours there. 30 minutes of that was spent in line. note to self: don't go to micheals at the peak time to redeem some random coupon. anywho, we found A TON of fun stuff. i won't disclose too much info, but we've reached the artsy craftsy part of wedding planning. chris calls it crazy. i call it therapeutic!

then, we went to home depo for more stuff... "what?" you ask? fret not, it'll be great! it was really funny! lets just say , this nice man came to our rescue!

then, went home to drop all the stuff off. then we went off to the south bay. and amy was okay with me driving on the freeway! it was like a roller coaster! oht eh fun! we went to look for this bra shop to find my wedding underthings.. but we didn't stike gold. kinda lame.. but it was okay. so... we headed off to the mall.

if you know any of us.. you know the dangers of the mall... any mall

we first went to get some food... we were starving. remember, no breakfast *i bought a kitkat bar and mini peanut butter cups at micheals. it was a sad state of affairs*. it was yummy, but amy ate it too fast... lame amy! then we went to joanns craft store. can you say drama! we were looking at some fabric. then we went to get card stock for yet another project. we found what we needed... then realized there was a sale... 5 sheets for $0.95 it was amazing... amy went card stock crazy. but, we found some awesome paper. i really wich i could make wedding programs out of hello kitty paper. maybe for amy's next wedding!

anywho, after foreeeever in that store. we got in line, only to realize we had to go to the bano. it was great...

okay, we finally paid for our stuff and went off in search of my underthings... long story short, after many attempts, we finally found something. it's interesting... chris' only request was that it would be easy for him to maneuver. i think this may fit the bill.

then, we did a little christmas/amy needs sweaters shopping. i found one gift. but hey, it's off my list now!

then, we came back home to my house... first got some el pollo loco.. yummy! *sad side note* i had told my dad that i was going to buy him a lasagna from smart and final for dinner. b/c we expected to be home earlier. so, my dad was sad that there was no lasagna. but hey, i made it up to him on sunday!

after eating, we painted. remember the artsy craftsy stage? into full force!

all in all, i think my list is getting smaller... oh the joy! plus, i got to spend time with amy. we don't do that too much any more. not like when i practically lived at her house... sad... but, who knows, if we dont' find a place, out with micah, in with the cso's!