Friday, November 20, 2009

how is this my fault now!?!?!?!

lame financial aid office!!!

i've had the most annoying time trying to get my school loan processed since before school started. the problem...

my name change.

no, not upset about that. i heart my new name. but, i applied for FAFSA while i was still legally martinez, but the school had o'roark. so, there is a huge issue because, even though the SSN is the SAME, the last names don't match.

so, the week before school started, when i found this out, i called FAFSA and they said that i could not change the name on the original FAFSA, and that i would have to file a new one. i went all the way to apu and met with my advisor, where he told me the same thing, called his supervisor to confirm, and then said, "yeah, you'll have to file again under the new name."

i did that.

now, the school as two FAFSA with two last names but the name SSN. and, for some reason, they can't process them. and, it's MY fault because i filed the second one when i was told that all apu needed me was to change the name on the original FAFSA.

umm, no. you told me that i needed to re-file with my new name!!!



Monday, November 16, 2009

i love mondays

so, i have four days each week where i'm beyond busy with school. technically, i have 7 days each week where i'm beyond busy, but only four days where i actually have to go somewhere. anywho, 2 days where i have lots of things to do (you know, everything always falls on a saturday, and sunday is just crazy busy). but, mondays are fantastic.

i'm usually frantically trying to read books or write papers, or wash dishes, or something. really, monday is my only day where i can catch up on life. as i write this, i realize how crappy my mondays sound.

but they really aren't. and you want to know why?

my super cute, little husband is always sleeping in the bed room. he's not a small guy. i mean, he's slim, but at about 6 ft tall, he takes up a lot more space than i do. so, when i get up in the morning and he's still sleeping, it's fantastic. i walk in there sometimes *tre quietly* and my heart skips a beat when i see him all sleeping and peaceful. the best is when he's curled up in a ball..... and next to teddy. love it!

so, i love mondays. i get to catch up on school work and house work, and i get to be close to one of my greatest blessings. what more could i ask for?


Saturday, November 7, 2009

it has happened.....

chris started a blog.

no... it isn't regular life updates like me... he even says you have to check up my blog for that. thanks for the pressure, dearest one. but, it's the devotional blog he's been thinking about starting forever.

so, if you don't get to hear him teach on a regular basis, check it out. and if you're one of those who can't get enough of what goes on in his brain, about his walk with Christ, and about what he has to share, you can check it out to.


Monday, November 2, 2009

i know... it's been a billion years...

lets just say.... school is in full swing. too many things to even begin to write about. i have 20 papers, 2 group presentations, 1 "just me" presentation, and 4 finals... in the next 8 weeks.


why did i want to go to grad school???? ahh yes... to help people. darn my desire to do that!!


ps... Jesus is awesome. without Him and His love, i'd be lost. and chris has been a huge help too!