Monday, March 30, 2009

i cut my hair...

of course i have no pictures... but believe me, it's lighter by about 6 inches.

i was freaking out at the salon, but i made a decision that i would cut my hair post wedding.

i'm in love with it.

really, it's fabulous. the ends were so dry and frazzled, they needed to be cut. my biggest fear was that i'd get "mom hair". but i thin kthis is borderline not that. funny thing though, i think that if frances and i stand together, we'll look a lot alike. except, her hair is shorter.

anywho, the shortness really brings out my curl. i didn't realize that i had more "curl" than "wave"... thanks papi. really, the curl gene was so not from my mom!

okay, i'll stop ranting about my fabulous hair. hey grace, the slightly darker baldwin with fabulous hair is back!


Thursday, March 26, 2009

to astrid from dini...


my mother-in-law said to tell you to update your blog.


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

10 things i've learned in the last 2 months

i've been a wife for over two months now. it really is quite incredible. i love being chris' wife. i love coming home to a warm hug. i love making dinner for him... and i love that he doesn't mind washing dishes. i love that he wants to keep me safe and has this urgency to provide for me. i love that he's my best friend and that everything is so right. like, we were born to be together... eh, i guess we were!

anywho... here is a list of things i've learned in the last two months. chris said that i could make a public list if it was all good things about him...

1. it's really hard to spend time together when we both work different schedules. we only see each other about 4 hours a day. because of this i..
2. miss my friends. don't get me wrong, i love my husband. i love being with him. but i miss being able to call someone and not feel bad because i'm cutting into the 4 hours we have together. i feel like i'm detached from them... but i still love them!
3. i don't like sleeping alone. as in, alone in my house because chris is at work. sometimes i want to sleep on the couch so i'll have more of a view of the house. but i don't. we have our bed. i sleep there.
4. i can't wait for my work day to be over. i can't wait to get home and be with chris. (see how i have this strange internal conflict???)
5. it's hard to figure out what to make for dinner every day. even with someone who will eat anything. maybe this is just my problem because my meals have to be perfect... but still, kinda difficult.
6. i LOOOOOVE saturday and sunday nights. this is when chris and i get to actually sleep in at the same time. it's AMAZING. i love it...
7. chris totally talks in him sleep. it's too funny. this past sunday night, he had full on conversations at various times in the night. it doesn't startle me too much anymore (besides, i grew up in room where the other person would scream at night... thanks learsi!). it's kinda funny though.
8. chris is wierd. really, you have no idea. he does some really odd stuff. but it's too funny.
9. i love how much i laugh with chris. i love how happy i am.
10. i'm sooooo in love with my husband. i think God everyday for him. chris is this amazing person. anyone can tell you that. but, i love him more than i ever had before. it's like it grows exponentially every minute. i'm grateful for every moment we have together.... i really love being a wife.


Monday, March 23, 2009

please pray for my amy...

copper is none to good. amy was going to call the vet today to see what the next course of action is. he hasn't eaten since friday, and he's too weak to walk.

please pray that she will be able to handle whatever it is that God has in store for her..


Monday, March 16, 2009

all you Christian kids...

who remembers Psalty?!?!?!
i've been singing these songs since i was really little... i mean, "I'm gonna wrap up myself for Christmas!" anyone?
way before Veggie Tale's (who, sorry jules, can't light a candle to Psalty), there was this whole world of Christian cartoons and musical oddness... and he was the king of it all.
i was singing these songs to chris on our way to church yesterday. it was too funny because i told him that i had to find these cd's and buy them. it really is a tradition that i HAVE to continue. really, Christmas morning will never be the same if i don't have random Psalty Christmas Carols in the background...
ahh... "it's not by might, nor by power, BUT, byyyy the Spirit... Praise the Lord!"

Saturday, March 14, 2009

i love lazy saturdays...

and today wasn't even that lazy!

we went grocery shopping. that was fun... but the real treat, well, there were two treats.
1) we went to OSH, and bought this cool terra cota pot and some pretty flowers. chris and i potted them and it looks so pretty. i named all the plants... stella, carmen, and mona... so pretty!
2) we had hawaiian food delivered. oh my yummyness!!! it was so good! but, next time, we'll be getting one plate. yeah, they were kinda big.

now, i'm watching tv and chris is trying to pick songs for worship tomorrow.

still getting used to my new life... but it's great so far!


Monday, March 9, 2009

that'll show me to hug a baldwin...

i love elisabeth... really, i do. i even go to her super fun tea things (ps.. had fun!)... but there is something amis in the baldwin home. and i think it starts with a sore throat.. or that's the rumor i heard...

yesterday, at GAP, lizzy was coughing like a son of a gun. not sexy. but, her singing voice was kinda husky, so maybe a little sexy?? great, i sound like astrid.

anywho, she was sitting next to me. coughing. don't really mind the coughing. i felt bad because it sounded like it hurt.

however, i do mind that i don't feel good today. i was already feeling not bueno yesterday, then i sit next to coughing girl (i do love you, really!)... now, i feel like getting back into bed.

i think i might leave work early.



Friday, March 6, 2009

i'm sorry chris.. but i have too...

this cracks me up. my husband thinks i'm a nerd... but really, how funny is this!!

i want a baby pig!!


Wednesday, March 4, 2009



i got to work today and turned on my computer. i checked my work email... and you. will. never. guess.

my dr boss, christina, got notification from the ADA that OUR ABSTRACT WAS ACCEPTED!!!!!

holy mother or all cows!!!!

our abstract will be in in this years "Supplemental Abstract booklet of the June 2009 edition"....

can you believe it!!! and i'm on the list of authors!!!!