Friday, May 29, 2009

the official that follows....

i am now legally Leilani O'Roark.


i went to the DMV yesterday morning to change my name. it wasn't too bad. the dude at the window asked me if i really wanted to change it. i just smiled and said "yes". i had to get a new picture taken... even though i *loved* my other one. i hope this new one is just and nice!

then, i had to go to the Social Security Office to change my name there. oh my murder, was this the *worst* place ever! i was sitting waiting for 2 HOURS. i was sitting next to these women who were arguing about how they didn't get the money the government "owed" them. really?? i wish the government owed me! anywho, i had enough time to walk to the cvs nearby to buy some snacks. they finally called my number, and i changed my name.

ahh, the things i do for love.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

so... i haven't done this in a while...

i really should keep this blog up to date... i think the thing that stops me is the lack of cool pictures i have to add to my little stories.. oh well!!!

we went up to santa maria this weekend to visit the in-laws. we hadn't been up there since the wedding. it was really good to go. kevin was working on his new yard project all weekend. chris helped him for a bit. this left dini and i with really only one thing to do... SHOP!

it's great. i think my mother-in-law enjoys spoiling me. i will enjoy it while it lasts, because i know that as soon as i pop out a baby, all attention will go there.

so, dini taught my how to knit a scarf. i'm way excited about that! i had to start my little practice scarf a billion times. how i ended up with 13 stitches after starting with 10? i will never know! but, i'm getting better. now i need to learn all the cool dramatic stuff so i can make sweaters! that is my goal!

anywho, the best part of the weekend?? me left knee. remember that yard project kevin was working on? well, on saturday, as dini and i were on our way to shop 'til we drop, i totally fell some how and knocked myself up real good. i scraped my knee and gave myself some pretty impressive bruises. it still hurts a bit to bend my knee, but it's getting better!

then it was monday, and we drove home. it was really great to go up to santa maria again and not have a billion appointments to run to. while i enjoyed the wedding planning, i enjoy lazying around with kevin and dini better. we didn't do too much of that, but it was still fun.

the only depressing part... no orcutt burger!!!! that just means i'll have to eat it twice on father's day!


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It's Official!!!!

we finally got our marriage license!!

now i can change my name and everything....



Saturday, May 16, 2009

1 high fever and two days later...

so, my fever went all the way up to 102.3 on thursday... then it came back down to 99.5 that night. oi, i hate being sick!

luckily, i'm feeling better. still tired and lethargic, not to mention slightly lightheaded. but, at least i'm not all fever-y. chris would wake me up in the middle of the night with a phone call so that i could take my tylenol. how sweet. he'd use his big boy voice over the phone so i would get out of bed and actually down the stuff. now that's love!

anywho, it's saturday. i'm at work. lame.

i hope i feel better soon!

ps... what the heck grey's anatomy!


Thursday, May 14, 2009


i'm sick. yes. so sick, in fact, that i'm going home early. why, oh, why does home have to be so far?? why does traffic have to be so bad? why didn't i stay in bed this morning???


pray that i get better. say no to ear infections and chest tightness... holy mother! pray i don't have N1H1 Influenza A!!! yeah, i had to use the real name. why? because i think pigs are cute.


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

i can't believe i haven't mentioned this!

i totally finished my first scrapbook!!! it was just one of those paper ones from Creative Memories that pretty much only needs pictures.... but i totally made one! i used our engagement pictures, so it's super cheese to the max. but still!! totally cool! i have to take it up to santa maria so dini can see it, since technically, she created the scraping monster that i am today. i'm in the process of working on a scrapbook of our honeymoon, of which 4 pages are done! and, i need to print wedding fotos for amy to scrap... not to mention pictures for the parents to all have up in their homes... i'm too behind!


Friday, May 8, 2009

and breathe...

i got my blood drawn today. it was FANTASTIC. well, as fantastic as getting your blood drawn could be.

remember my previous fiascos?? the endless poking, bruising, multiple visits b/c people don't know how to draw blood?? the general fear because of all these things.. it ended today.

i went this morning and decided to ask for the same girl that drew my blood forever ago when i had to do the redo. the one who saved me after that lame girl poked me three times, getting nowhere, and collapsing my vein. yes, the girl who reminded me that getting labs done could be *slightly* okay.

my appointment was at 7:50am. i think i got my blood drawn at about 8:35am. i waited because i knew she knew what she was doing.

lo and behold, it was great. so easy! why couldn't it always be that way! you can bet i will be remembering her name!


Monday, May 4, 2009

100 days!!!!

hello milestone!

it's been 100 days since i became chris' wife. i must say... it's amazing. i think i love him more now than i did 100 days ago. really, you don't think you can love anyone more than what you know, but it grows. it really grows.

you know how much you think that loving someone more today that you did yesterday is kinda lame... well, it's totally true. every day i love chris more. sometimes i think i might explode. but, who knew this love grew in leaps and bounds! it's amazing!!!

i love the man that he is. i love how i can see his love for Christ just radiate and beam from him. i love that because he loves Jesus so much, i know he loves me. i love how safe i feel with him. and, i love knowing that i am always in his prayers because he wants me to be safe.

it's been an amazing 100 days. some of them have been difficult and tears have been shed. but i will say one thing, i truly love being married. i am ridiculously blessed. i can see God's love for me every time i see my husband. and, i know he feels the same way.