Thursday, March 24, 2011

7 weeks?

can you believe that's about all that's left for grad school?

i can't.

and the homework. SO. MUCH. HOMEWORK.

i've been attempting to get it done, but i can't seem to bring myself to write too much. it's like, my brain is tired of writing the same thing over and over again. and sometimes, it really does seem like the same thing over and over again! i mean, how many papers can one write about kinship care giving? apparently about 10!

i keep thinking about what it'll be like when i finish school. if i'll find a job. *i've already gotten 2 informal job offers* if i'll go back to being a trophy wife. if my house will actually be clean given i should have time to clean it. if chris will find the new job that he so much desires...

i think i'm stuck on the future without wanting to think about the present. i keep forgetting that i need work just as hard now in order to get what i want for the future.

but really, all i wanna do is sleep. yeah. i just want to sleep.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

could there be any more babies???

i mean, for real.

i know i posted a while ago about how i'm glad that chris and i are waiting to start our family, but still. my facebook page is COVERED by friends, or friends of friends, having babies. i was in the shower the other day and chris came into the bathroom and told me that a friend of his from work was having his second baby. this was after learsi told me that a friend of hers was having a baby.

i told chris that i didn't want to hear about any more people having babies.

then, i found out that an old friend of mine had given birth to her baby boy.


i don't think it helps that chris and i have pretty much every name we like already picked out and written down. yeah, we totally do. and no, i won't tell you.

this will have to suffice in the cuteness department for now...