Tuesday, January 25, 2011


i really should be better at this thing!

it isn't that there hasn't been anything to blog about, but there have been waaaay too many things to blog about!

i'm in week three of school, and just waiting for it to be done. my house is a mess because i feel like i haven't been in it for weeks due to all sort of drama. chris and i celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary, and my dear friend amy is getting married this weekend. oh, and i have an assignment that is due on thursday. for some reason i thought it would be smart to sign up for it this week. at least it'll be done with that assignment.

on the school front: i can't do it any more. okay, i can, but, it's like, stop already!! i have my Capstone/Thesis project due in less than 4 months, and it's slightly more dramatic than i thought it would be. and, all i can think about is the first saturday in may.

chris and i: are super happy. year two was definitely more difficult than year one, but i wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. we spent this past weekend in Monterey Bay, Ca and it was wonderful. aside from the bed with the funny sheets, the hotel was fine, and close to Cannary Row. we went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, and got to see Super Cute Otters! plus, we ate the yummiest food. did i mention that i LOVE clam chowder? i do.

everything else: there are about 50 Billion weddings this year. this weekend is my super bestie amy, then my dear friend nancy in march, two more weddings in june, and another in july. i'm in the first two, and helping plan the one in july. that one is my friend grace. she my other super bestie, elisabeth's sister. and, if two of my other friends *who shall remain nameless* get their acts together, i'll have 2 more weddings to go to this year. oy!

also: i swear babies are being born left and right. i just found out that i'm gonna have a little nephew. no, not my sister. my best friend jennifer. i heart her and can't wait to meet her baby! not just her, but my friends *yes, plural* at church have had babies, a friend at school is, like, ready to pop, and a few other friends have just told me that they are preggers. jealous? hmmm, i don't want to call it that. but, if i have to go to babies 'r us one more time... did i mention i'm helping throw a shower in the next week or so?

anywho, nutshell: life has been insane. and right now it doesn't look like it's going to change anytime soon. but, you know, i'm happy. i'm healthy, i have a fabulous husband, my family is somewhat normal now, i'm ultra blessed because i have people who consider me close enough to take part in their special life changes, and i'm super close to finishing school.

complain? never.