Thursday, December 1, 2011

another fun little update...

i don't have gestational diabetes!!!!! aaaaaaand, my blood pressure is still holding at fairly good. the ob basically said that everything was going as well as it could be, and she's way happy with my progress. total weight gain at almost 31 weeks? 15 pounds. not too bad!

now the goal is to maintain this good blood pressure until at least 36 weeks.

dude. that's 5 weeks away....

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

the mega blood work and latest events...

so, that 3 hour glucose tolerance test wasn't *too* bad. i mean, the blood draws were okay. considering i had to get 4 different pricks. the beverage wasn't all that horrible tasting. DSO was jumping off the uterus from it, though. that was fun. and slightly painful.... i was eyeing the water cooler the whole time, and man was i excited to be able to drink from it! then, after about 15 hours of fasting, chris took me to Bob's Big Boy, where i had the most amazing bacon cheeseburger. i kinda want another one right now....

i did happen to spend a few hours at Labor and Delivery last week. all is well. everything was fine. i had been feeling this strange sharp pain on my left side for about a day, and figured i should call the OB's office. they said to go to L&D and get it checked out. needless to say, i was a bit freaking out-y. it turned out to be nothing; most likely stretching muscles and/or DSO kicking in a not fun way. well for me. but, we were able to listen to her heartbeat the whole time we were there. although, i don't think either one of us was too much of a fan of the process... those monitors are strapped on too tight in my opinion, and she kept kicking at them and moving around. i'm kinda afraid of her level of energy once she's actually here...

thanksgiving was super fun. it was a santa maria year for thanksgiving, so we made the trek up to chris' homeland and spent a fabulous 4 days lounging and eating. i'm thinking i might have gained a bit too much... we got to spend some time with our friends who live in colorado now, gabe and jen. not only was it nice to spend a day with them, fabulous weather made for a fun time in santa barbara. i even did some shopping. i heart shopping! it was also a good chance to spend some time with the in-laws. especially considering i have no clue when we'll be able to head up there again.

this is what happens when i don't update!!

i still have another event! my 30 week ultrasound.

we went because some marker in an earlier test showed a slight risk in low birth weight. thus, they wanted a 30 week growth scan to make sure DSO was growing on target. aside from being nervous that something might be wrong, i was excited because we were gonna see her again! long story short, all was well. she's growing fabulously, and is looking really good! the tech did some 4D pictures and chris decided that she had my nose and his scowl. poor kid....

Friday, November 18, 2011

i failed to mention....

11 pounds. that's the running total of weight gain. 11 pounds in *was was* 27 weeks. pretty awesome if you ask me!

i have an appointment at 30 weeks, which is in two weeks from today. then every 2 weeks, i believe. so we'll see how high that number actually gets. crossing my fingers for no more than 20 to 25!

although, as long as my face doesn't get too fat....

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

readers, i have entered the 3rd trimester.

rather insane if you ask me. and looking to POSSIBLY become complicated. but hopefully not.

for starters, my glucose screening test did not go so well. in fact, it was very not well. the cutoff for high blood sugar is140. me? i was 171. yuck. so now, i have to do the three hour test. which, were it not for the FOUR BLOOD DRAWS required, wouldn't be too bad. not to mention the fact that my veins are crap when i'm not hydrated, and i have to take this test on an 8-12 hour fast. water included. but, i mean, if i'm willing to even consider a natural birth, i guess i can handle all the poking. the thing is, i'm worried about finding out i have gestational diabetes. i guess it couldn't happen to a *slightly* more prepared person, considering chris is type 1 and i worked in an endocrinology clinic for about 3 years, but still. however, it i do have it, i'd rather know and work with it to make sure DSO and i are as safe as possible.

now for the second... before being pregnant, i had blood pressure issues. like, for years. i was on meds for a while and everything. since becoming pregnant, my numbers have been BEAUTIFUL. like enough to make me want to call my doctor and tell her to get a new machine or something. but, because of that, i'm at risk of preeclapsia/hypertension/toxemia, whatever you want to call it. if this does become a problem, it can be pretty bad. so, i had a *lovely* blood draw to get a toxemia baseline. because, you know, it's always nice to know what things look like when you don't have any issues! for now, my blood pressure is still good, i haven't been swelling strangely, but there are some things here and there that keep me kinda worried.

part three: allergies. i'm pretty sure that's what i'm suffering from. except, aside from the congestion and what have you, my ear hurts too. its rather annoying and kinda becoming more painful. this makes my head hurt which makes me freak out about the aforementioned issue...

but then, DSO kicks all crazy, and i think to myself, i'm having a baby. as scared as i am to have any complications, i know i will be monitored and the most important thing on everyone's mind will be to keep both me and DSO safe.

besides, God's already got this one in the bag.

Friday, November 4, 2011

there's a party going on, and it seems that i'm the venue


DSO is starting to pack a mean punch. it's pretty much visible to whoever may be constantly observing me. she likes to kick/punch/headbutt (i really have no clue what goes on in there) chris. the best though.... she kicked rubi. rubi has taken to trying her hardest to lay as close as physically possible to me. she tries incessantly to sleep on my belly. apparently i'm not the only one that doesn't like it. the other night she was half on my belly when DSO started her shenanigans. and i guess rubi felt it because to jumped up and stared really hard at where she had been laying. then looked at me and all over the place. my poor little dog was confused! i, however, thought i was hilarious!

lets see.... according to the regular dr, my cold was more of an allergy flare up. and i need to drink more water. umm, sir, can you explain to me how to drink more water? i'm downing at least 90 oz a day.... but, i'll do what i must to keep pre-term labor away. oh, that's me newest fear. pre-term labor. it's like i can never just not be worried about something. i'm doing better though! i promise! well, ask chris if i'm doing better. he's the one that sees my worrying first hand. oh, and leg cramps are the suck.

in other news, i'm in a wedding this weekend. should be fun. i close friend of mine from grad school is getting married and asked me to be a bridesmaid long before DSO came along. now she gets to join the party too. all of 6 full months of her.

although, i think i don't look too bad. in fact, while i feel huge, i don't think i look too huge. until other people oh so kindly point out that i'm sooooo big already. i just kindly remind them that i'm about 2 feet tall, with a 3 inch torso. i mean, honestly, where else is this kid gonna go! i've only gained about 10 lbs the thus far *the official count comes on wednesday at the ob's office*, and it's really all belly, so whatever! i look stinking cute!

okay, enough random rambling....

Saturday, October 29, 2011

i'm sick...

i miss drugs. although, in light of my last post, this should be a piece of cake!

it started around Wednesday, then progressively got worse. it makes me unhappy. i don't like feeling like crap.

being sick is totally for the birds....

on a happier note, DSO doesn't seem to be phased by my being sick. chris felt her kick my stomach out. totally strange and alien-y. mix that and having my little rubi sleeping on the couch next to me, and i'm not too bad.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

25 weeks down, 15 to go....

i can't believe it. 25 weeks. that's 5 and a half months. and let me tell you, i'm CLEARLY pregnant. we went to my in-law's house this weekend, and my *fabulous* father-in-law had the audacity to look at my belly and say "WHOA!" too funny! although, i'm kinda wondering what will happen when i hit week 35..... eeek!

things have been going fairly well. that whole tooth extraction turned out to be a non-issue. in fact, it went so wonderfully that my dentist decided that he couldn't wait for DSO to get here so he could get the other 3 out. what a nice guy....

DSO seems to be growing well too. i mean, i'm growing, and she's kicking up a storm. she has her sleepy days, but even then, she likes to let me know that she's still a strong kid. i'm slightly worried about what her energy level is gonna be like when she's here. although, she'll be a kid, so i'm sure it'll be through the roof. plus, she's a blend of both chris and i, so i'm pretty sure she's be crazy. but, with fabulous black hair and a great ability to tan. not to mention her bilingual skills. yeah, she's gonna be pretty awesome.

aside from that, i've been doing A TON of labor and delivery thinking these days. it's a pretty daunting thing when you have nothing to compare it to. i mean, i can listen to my friends and family who have been there, but i have NO CLUE what i'm in for. thus, i've made a decision. some might find it crazy, but i've made up my mind.

i'm gonna go natural. well, not home birth, natural. believe me, i don't have that kind of determination! but, i wanna do this without drugs. prayerfully. just chris and i, and my mom in the room reading scripture or something of that nature.

i really have nothing against drugs, or people who use them. really. i just really want to go without. i wanna feel it. i know that sounds BEYOND CRAZY. but, if God created me for any one thing *outside of giving Him glory* it was to birth children. that's literally what my body was created for. and, i know i can do it. will i refuse medical intervention when needed? no. i'm not THAT crazy. i mean, will be birthing at a fabulous hospital for that very reason. but, i really want to do this.

thus said... start praying now!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

i've made it thus far...

so no one told me that pain after actual extraction was worse the procedure itself.

i was FREAKING OUT like you wouldn't believe the whole way to the dentist, sitting in the waiting room, taking that last minute trip to the potty, and sitting in the chair waiting for it all to begin. really. i was shaking. i could hear my heart pounding in my head.

so i began to pray.

i prayed for it to be fast. i prayed to not feel anything. but mostly i prayed for DSO to be safe. for her not be hurt in any way by my stupid decision to never get this tooth pulled out before now.

and you know what? she was kicking me most of the time. i think she could pick up on those moments when i started to freak out, because that's when she started to kick. it was pretty cool.

so now, i'm praying more that the tylenol 3 and amoxicilin that they gave me really won't hurt her *like my ob and dentist said they wouldn't*, and that this soreness will be the worst pain that i feel.

on a happier note, i only have 2 cavities to worry about. however, he wants to take my other 3 wisdom teeth out. lame....

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

you get another letter...

while this post if more about me whining about my tooth having to come out, i'll give you a tidbit of baby for your fill... her first initial is d. DSO. that's her name. well for you anyway. i'm convinced that chris and i need to start saving for her future as a gymnast. at least, that's what it feels like her future will be.... i'm guess that everything is still okay considering my outrageous 4 full on meals yesterday, and that HORRIBLE heartburn last night. seriously. worse than morning sickness. it made me go back to my "this may the the only kid you ever get..." mentality. but, you know, i made it through. maybe not so many enchiladas for dinner next time?? but they were soooooooooo goooooooood....

okay. to my tooth. i'm coming out tomorrow. i've pretty much come to terms with it. but i'm still freaked out. mostly because i don't like pain. when i told my friend amy's mom that i was probably still gonna be curled up in a corner by monday, she said, "and what do you think is gonna happen when that baby comes out?" chris told her that i was looking at this as some sort of prep. she laughed.... but yeah. it'll be okay. i know it will be. then come thursday night, it'll be all over with, and i'll just look forward to after DSO comes and they can put me to sleep for the rest of them to come out.

ugh, total suck.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

chris gets stuck with all the ladies...

we're having a girl. yay!!!!!!!

actually, i would have been happy regardless, but i was pretty convinced that she was a girl already. after we found out chris told me that he was pretty sure the baby was a girl too. she has a name, and we call her by it already. for now though, you all will still know her as _SO. she'll have her dad's middle name. my mom thinks it's crazy, but i kinda really like that i get to give the name to a girl.

on another, not so nice note.... i need a wisdom tooth pulled. talk about the suck.

you see, i've been too scared to go to the dentist *even though i've had insurance for about 5 years now* because i KNOW that my wisdom teeth need to come out. but, you know, i'm scared! the lower left one bothers me every so often, but i can usually power through the 3 or 4 days it'll hurt during those 4 or 5 times a year that it hurts.

fast forward to this monday. the pain came back. i didn't think too much of it, since, i FINALLY made dentist appointments for us for 2 weeks from now.

anywho, monday night i looked at said tooth. to space you details, it wasn't pretty. i called the dentist the ob on tuesday morning and she said to check with the dentist. so, i go to the dentist. he wants the tooth out. apparently there is bacteria pooling in my back there gums. thus being dangerous for the little girl in my uterus. ergo, i need to get it out....

but, that means i get only local anesthetic and not the strongest drugs for after.

i keep reminding myself that it's more important for me to deal with the pain than for _SO to be healthier during her time inside.

oi. to be a mother....

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

this just gets stranger and stranger.....

so the baby moves all the time. well, maybe not all the time, but enough for me to look down and say to it, "what are you doing in there?!?!?"

but, you know, the movement makes me feel better about the growing, so it's not too bad. speaking of growing, i totally am! as soon as i get a good picture at 20 weeks *also known as this coming saturday* i'll post it up. it's like in the last 5 days its starting to look like there's a baby in there. although, my mom was only really convinced after hearing the baby's heartbeat at the dr this week.

about the doctor, everything is growing fine. good strong heartbeat of 160, and growing totally normally at 19 weeks, also known as month 5. we totally know the gender, but i'm not gonna tell you until we've as least told every grandparent.

but, knowing all of this makes it really real. having seen a fully functioning heart, kidneys, brain, watching all the moving on that screen.... i mean, this is really happening!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

the times, they are a-change-in....

there really is no other way to start this.

readers. we're having a baby. it's true.

and, i'm pretty sure we have no idea what we're doing. i'm looking at all these reviews for baby stuff, and i'm totally lost. like, just because this person like this crib but this person doesn't, should i like it? or be unsure about it? and you need a bassinet too? but only for a little while, right? then there are all these requirement other people have about what you should and shouldn't do. oi vey....

this is all too much to think about.

plus, i'm getting fatter. it's the good kind of fat. you know the kind that means your doing something good. at the same time, i've spent my whole like trying not to gain any weight. which, for an over weight mexican girl is pretty freakin hard. although, i like to think that for the last few years, i've been pretty good at it. but since i started out, you know, not skinny, i keep wondering if i look pregnant. chris tells me i do. my family tells me i do. and i KNOW my pants no longer fit. but, i mean, all those skinny girls actually LOOK PREGNANT. i think i just look a bit fatter. but not in my face. oh, please let me gain weight everywhere else, but not in my face!

the other thing, which is even greater than the weight part is this constant worry about whether or not the baby is okay. i haven't really felt the baby yet, i don't think. or maybe i have and i just don't know it! so i worry. although, i'm probably the biggest worrier you'll ever meet anyway. but, then the hunger hits me. it's like a hunger that i have never known. and it happens every day. this hunger reminds me that the baby is probably okay. that and the random crying.

mostly though, i sit and look at chris, then at my belly, smile, and say, "what in the world are we doing???"

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

so, i'm pretty much a semi-real wedding coordinator

which i think is pretty cool. i actually kinda like it.
last year i worked on the most insane wedding ever. for real. 700 guests an everything. but, it started on time, ended on time, was cleaned and the keys returned on time. amazing.
this year, i've helped in on a few weddings, but i'm all on my own in coordinating for my dear friend, gracie. she's getting married next month, and i'm uber excited. i can have visions of how amazing it's going to be. plus, weddings are fun! and, i'm a sucker for details, planning, and getting things done. at least for other people....
we've had a few planning meetings up to now, and i'm surprised by how much they trust me, and take me seriously. like, i'm for real! then i listen to what comes out of my mouth and how i help them problem solve, and think, "holy mother, i can do this!" i crack up when momma baldwin is surprised by my non-shock and complete calmness. i always look at her and say, "hey, i'm a social worker. i was trained to be that way!"
but, you know i realized today, i enjoy this. and, i'm pretty good at it. sure,i have a master in social work. but, what could be more social than a wedding?!?!?
but i can totally see it becoming a total side thing.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

i am a MASTER!

i have been for about 3 days now.

and my house is a lot cleaner than it was on friday...

my books are organized, i've tossed TONS of paper work, and i've cried far more than i ever intended too. oh. and i've applied to quite a few jobs. haven't gotten any phone calls, though. stink.

so yeah, graduation was AMAZING. mostly because it meant that i was finished. mostly, i enjoyed the food that we ate at my party later. i'll have to post some pictures here soon....

but, i was telling chris about how we were all saying good bye after the graduation, me and my classmates, and it felt like we were going to see each other again. like, our goodbyes were more of a see you later. the thing is, i don't know when i'll see any of them. i mean, my MSW bestie, tfan, i'm sure i'll see her like a million times this summer, but i don't know about the others. not to say that i don't want to. i'll have to make some things happen.

and, another thing. i wish people would stop telling me that i'm on vacation, and asking how my vacation is going. i'm done. this isn't a vacation. it's life. i have pretty much endless hours of house cleaning, tanning, and netflix in my horizon.

yeah. i totally need a job.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

today is my last day of school

and i can't belive it. all my work. all my sleeplessness. all my stress about writing. all the driving twice a week.

it's done.

yeah. it's totally done.

well, after class today. so, in about 10 hours it'll be done, but still.

we had our hooding ceremony and dinner last night, and it was awesome. i sang For Good, from Wicked, with my friend des, while another friend, karen, played the piano. we didn't practice enough, but some how it worked out. the song sounded AMAZING. i had to stop myself from looking at about 6 key people, lest i cry my way through it.

but, i'm really sad. i mean, don't get me wrong, i'm IN LOVE with the fact that school is over, but i'm really sad about losing my constant contact with my friends.

i was commenting to chris one our way home from the ceremony that this has been a very different educational experience. because, like, in undergrad, i didn't really graduate with any friends. in fact, i didn't really have those kind of friends in undergrad. but this program, we've been in it together for 2 years. and even those who came in later, well, they've become part of the family and i can't imagine them not being there.

i'm so sad to not see all of my friends twice a week. but i'm so excited to see where we go, and what happens in our futures.

Azusa Pacific University MSW graduates, we made it! saturday is our big day! all our work will show, and we can now really start!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

i cried the whole way home from school today

it's true. i totally did.


i likened it to when mothers cry after giving birth. yeah, know i don't have kids, but i imagine its because you just can't believe what you have, and what you did, and what you created.

that's what my MSW kinda is for me. although, it totally would have been nice to only have 9 months of school... but, yeah, it's kinda emotional. i've been so stressed about my homework *and i still have this paper that i'm supposed to be writing. in my defense, it's organized in my head* that the hugeness of this hasn't really hit me.

all of the friends i've made... i won't get to see them twice a week anymore. the internships i've had... i'm actually going to have to work more than 16 hours a week. the school i've invested so much time *& money* into... i won't ever need to drive those 43 miles 4 times a week. all the sitting in front of a computer... i won't have assignments anymore.

all this time, energy, emotion, lack of sleep, brain power, anger, frustration, fear, joy... it's becoming something. 11 days from now, it will all be over. and it will all be a distant memory...

heck, yes, is that something to cry over!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

so graduation is two weeks and one day away...

and my eyes are tired of looking at the computer. i'm tired of thinking about the same three therapy models. and i'm tired of looking at the rubric for this HORRID paper. i promise i'm not exaggerating. i'm really glad that they saved this paper for the last, or i might have dropped out a few semesters ago. the good thing is that after this paper, i only really have one. sure, i need to type like a maniac to get them both done when i want, but i'm pretty sure i'll be okay.

besides, UPS delivered something magical today. MY CAP, GOWN, AND HOOD. yeah, i'm pretty much official. only these two papers in my way. and my thesis project poster. but, i got some fabulous help from my pretty friend, miss baldwin. i heart kindergarten teachers. so, besides all that, and the two weeks and one day...

i'm almost there!!! thank the LORD!!!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

i'm home sick, doing homework, and t minus 31 days 'til graduation

i hate homework. i really do. i keep going back to my life at this same point of each semester, and for some reason, this kinds feels worse.

it's like, you know when you have to pee? and you don't really think about it too much. until you get closer to a restroom. you can see the restroom in your head. then, you can actually see the restroom. then, you see crowds of people between you and the restroom. and a line. don't forget the line. eventually, you know you'll pass the crowds, stand like a normal person that line, and actually make it to your final, awaited stall.

it's kind like that. i can see the end point. i can see the crowds and the line. and i feel like it mike be a little dicey on time, but i know i'll make it.

then, i think about the fact that in 31 days i will be done. this thing that i've been struggling through for the last 2 years will be completed, and i'll be left looking back. i think that's the part i'm most interested about. the part where life goes on. you see, chris and i had this plan. and it isn't looking like it's panning out. which is totally fine. you know, re-evaluation is totally okay.

but, you see, i got these two super beautiful invitations in the mail. one, for a friend's wedding *that i totally can't go to. tre sad!* and another for my bff's baby shower *eeeee!!*. they were like this reminder that life totally goes on beyond grad school. i mean, i know, subconsciously that it does, but still.

i haven't really thought about it. in the real sense. as opposed to the dream/hope sense. as in, i really need to get a job, or i'll be sitting at home doing nothing. i kinda knew this, but i mean, FOR REALS. outside of all of the billion weddings i'm going to this year *and the baby shower that i can't wait to attend!*, i have no real, actual, constant, concrete plans.

it's kinda scary.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

7 weeks?

can you believe that's about all that's left for grad school?

i can't.

and the homework. SO. MUCH. HOMEWORK.

i've been attempting to get it done, but i can't seem to bring myself to write too much. it's like, my brain is tired of writing the same thing over and over again. and sometimes, it really does seem like the same thing over and over again! i mean, how many papers can one write about kinship care giving? apparently about 10!

i keep thinking about what it'll be like when i finish school. if i'll find a job. *i've already gotten 2 informal job offers* if i'll go back to being a trophy wife. if my house will actually be clean given i should have time to clean it. if chris will find the new job that he so much desires...

i think i'm stuck on the future without wanting to think about the present. i keep forgetting that i need work just as hard now in order to get what i want for the future.

but really, all i wanna do is sleep. yeah. i just want to sleep.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

could there be any more babies???

i mean, for real.

i know i posted a while ago about how i'm glad that chris and i are waiting to start our family, but still. my facebook page is COVERED by friends, or friends of friends, having babies. i was in the shower the other day and chris came into the bathroom and told me that a friend of his from work was having his second baby. this was after learsi told me that a friend of hers was having a baby.

i told chris that i didn't want to hear about any more people having babies.

then, i found out that an old friend of mine had given birth to her baby boy.


i don't think it helps that chris and i have pretty much every name we like already picked out and written down. yeah, we totally do. and no, i won't tell you.

this will have to suffice in the cuteness department for now...

Monday, February 21, 2011

rubi, the great

i love my dog. she's so cute and pretty. and she's the perfect size. she's only 18 pounds, but her personality is like that of a 120 pound dog. she's super feisty, but really sweet too.

i heart rubi.

this weekend i was lucky enough to get to spend the whole weekend with her. you see, once chris and i got married, she had to stay behind and live with my parents. which, was supremely sad. but, after my parents moved last month, we needed to find a new place for her. enter chris' wonderful aunt, ruthie. she's super great. she is letting us keep rubi wither her, and rubi is probably more spoiled than she ever was before. the thing that sucks is that ruthie's lame neighbors complain about rubi's barking *ummm, hello, she's a dog* but if you ask rubi, that's probably the best part because now she sleeps inside. lucky girl.

but, aside from the fun i've had laying on the couch with her, and doing my homework with her staring at me, i've had the most fun during sleep time.

chris' grand plan of having her sleep in the rooom with us, but on the floor totally didn't work.

guess who spent two whole nights huddled up against her favorite irish man. not me. i was up against the cold wall.

oh rubi. she really is the best.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

i don't know why i can't manage to keep up with this...

it really shouldn't be this difficult. honestly. during my parents' most recent move, my sister found a ton of journals of mine. i was kind of embarrassed of my 13-19 year old self writing. although, i did find some stuff from the year i met chris. those were funny.

but, i say this as proof to show that i once maintained daily writings.

for the most part, i think life is kinda boring. i mean, who wants to know about the fact that i go to my internship on mondays and wednesdays, go to school on tuesdays and thursdays, sleep in on fridays and saturdays *sometimes*, and live at church on sundays? it's not like nothing happens during that time, but my life is kinda on all that interesting.

i promise.

except that my life is crazy!

take grad school. i'm SOOOOOOO ready for it to be done. my brain is mush. i can't think. i have the hardest time paying attention in class. except for my International Social Work Policy class. i think i'm one of two people who enjoy that class. mostly i enjoy it because it reminds me of why i loved studying Political Science. that said, i have about 17 assignments due before graduation. and graduation is, like, 76 days away.

then take my internship. i have to put together a fundraiser for my Capstone/Thesis project, and i just now got from *very necessary* information. not to mention the grant proposals that i have to work on. *ps, i worked on a grant that got my internship $600,000 in county funds for a new program*

then i have home, and the husband i get to see for fleeting moments. the family that i hardly every see. and my friends who all have equally, if not more, crazy lives.

i'm not complaining. if anything, i think i'm trying to justify to myself why i suck at blogging.

although, i think it might be because i'm not writing in a pretty book with a pink pen...

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


i really should be better at this thing!

it isn't that there hasn't been anything to blog about, but there have been waaaay too many things to blog about!

i'm in week three of school, and just waiting for it to be done. my house is a mess because i feel like i haven't been in it for weeks due to all sort of drama. chris and i celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary, and my dear friend amy is getting married this weekend. oh, and i have an assignment that is due on thursday. for some reason i thought it would be smart to sign up for it this week. at least it'll be done with that assignment.

on the school front: i can't do it any more. okay, i can, but, it's like, stop already!! i have my Capstone/Thesis project due in less than 4 months, and it's slightly more dramatic than i thought it would be. and, all i can think about is the first saturday in may.

chris and i: are super happy. year two was definitely more difficult than year one, but i wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. we spent this past weekend in Monterey Bay, Ca and it was wonderful. aside from the bed with the funny sheets, the hotel was fine, and close to Cannary Row. we went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, and got to see Super Cute Otters! plus, we ate the yummiest food. did i mention that i LOVE clam chowder? i do.

everything else: there are about 50 Billion weddings this year. this weekend is my super bestie amy, then my dear friend nancy in march, two more weddings in june, and another in july. i'm in the first two, and helping plan the one in july. that one is my friend grace. she my other super bestie, elisabeth's sister. and, if two of my other friends *who shall remain nameless* get their acts together, i'll have 2 more weddings to go to this year. oy!

also: i swear babies are being born left and right. i just found out that i'm gonna have a little nephew. no, not my sister. my best friend jennifer. i heart her and can't wait to meet her baby! not just her, but my friends *yes, plural* at church have had babies, a friend at school is, like, ready to pop, and a few other friends have just told me that they are preggers. jealous? hmmm, i don't want to call it that. but, if i have to go to babies 'r us one more time... did i mention i'm helping throw a shower in the next week or so?

anywho, nutshell: life has been insane. and right now it doesn't look like it's going to change anytime soon. but, you know, i'm happy. i'm healthy, i have a fabulous husband, my family is somewhat normal now, i'm ultra blessed because i have people who consider me close enough to take part in their special life changes, and i'm super close to finishing school.

complain? never.