Tuesday, November 15, 2011

readers, i have entered the 3rd trimester.

rather insane if you ask me. and looking to POSSIBLY become complicated. but hopefully not.

for starters, my glucose screening test did not go so well. in fact, it was very not well. the cutoff for high blood sugar is140. me? i was 171. yuck. so now, i have to do the three hour test. which, were it not for the FOUR BLOOD DRAWS required, wouldn't be too bad. not to mention the fact that my veins are crap when i'm not hydrated, and i have to take this test on an 8-12 hour fast. water included. but, i mean, if i'm willing to even consider a natural birth, i guess i can handle all the poking. the thing is, i'm worried about finding out i have gestational diabetes. i guess it couldn't happen to a *slightly* more prepared person, considering chris is type 1 and i worked in an endocrinology clinic for about 3 years, but still. however, it i do have it, i'd rather know and work with it to make sure DSO and i are as safe as possible.

now for the second... before being pregnant, i had blood pressure issues. like, for years. i was on meds for a while and everything. since becoming pregnant, my numbers have been BEAUTIFUL. like enough to make me want to call my doctor and tell her to get a new machine or something. but, because of that, i'm at risk of preeclapsia/hypertension/toxemia, whatever you want to call it. if this does become a problem, it can be pretty bad. so, i had a *lovely* blood draw to get a toxemia baseline. because, you know, it's always nice to know what things look like when you don't have any issues! for now, my blood pressure is still good, i haven't been swelling strangely, but there are some things here and there that keep me kinda worried.

part three: allergies. i'm pretty sure that's what i'm suffering from. except, aside from the congestion and what have you, my ear hurts too. its rather annoying and kinda becoming more painful. this makes my head hurt which makes me freak out about the aforementioned issue...

but then, DSO kicks all crazy, and i think to myself, i'm having a baby. as scared as i am to have any complications, i know i will be monitored and the most important thing on everyone's mind will be to keep both me and DSO safe.

besides, God's already got this one in the bag.

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