Tuesday, May 10, 2011

i am a MASTER!

i have been for about 3 days now.

and my house is a lot cleaner than it was on friday...

my books are organized, i've tossed TONS of paper work, and i've cried far more than i ever intended too. oh. and i've applied to quite a few jobs. haven't gotten any phone calls, though. stink.

so yeah, graduation was AMAZING. mostly because it meant that i was finished. mostly, i enjoyed the food that we ate at my party later. i'll have to post some pictures here soon....

but, i was telling chris about how we were all saying good bye after the graduation, me and my classmates, and it felt like we were going to see each other again. like, our goodbyes were more of a see you later. the thing is, i don't know when i'll see any of them. i mean, my MSW bestie, tfan, i'm sure i'll see her like a million times this summer, but i don't know about the others. not to say that i don't want to. i'll have to make some things happen.

and, another thing. i wish people would stop telling me that i'm on vacation, and asking how my vacation is going. i'm done. this isn't a vacation. it's life. i have pretty much endless hours of house cleaning, tanning, and netflix in my horizon.

yeah. i totally need a job.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

today is my last day of school

and i can't belive it. all my work. all my sleeplessness. all my stress about writing. all the driving twice a week.

it's done.

yeah. it's totally done.

well, after class today. so, in about 10 hours it'll be done, but still.

we had our hooding ceremony and dinner last night, and it was awesome. i sang For Good, from Wicked, with my friend des, while another friend, karen, played the piano. we didn't practice enough, but some how it worked out. the song sounded AMAZING. i had to stop myself from looking at about 6 key people, lest i cry my way through it.

but, i'm really sad. i mean, don't get me wrong, i'm IN LOVE with the fact that school is over, but i'm really sad about losing my constant contact with my friends.

i was commenting to chris one our way home from the ceremony that this has been a very different educational experience. because, like, in undergrad, i didn't really graduate with any friends. in fact, i didn't really have those kind of friends in undergrad. but this program, we've been in it together for 2 years. and even those who came in later, well, they've become part of the family and i can't imagine them not being there.

i'm so sad to not see all of my friends twice a week. but i'm so excited to see where we go, and what happens in our futures.

Azusa Pacific University MSW graduates, we made it! saturday is our big day! all our work will show, and we can now really start!