Monday, February 21, 2011

rubi, the great

i love my dog. she's so cute and pretty. and she's the perfect size. she's only 18 pounds, but her personality is like that of a 120 pound dog. she's super feisty, but really sweet too.

i heart rubi.

this weekend i was lucky enough to get to spend the whole weekend with her. you see, once chris and i got married, she had to stay behind and live with my parents. which, was supremely sad. but, after my parents moved last month, we needed to find a new place for her. enter chris' wonderful aunt, ruthie. she's super great. she is letting us keep rubi wither her, and rubi is probably more spoiled than she ever was before. the thing that sucks is that ruthie's lame neighbors complain about rubi's barking *ummm, hello, she's a dog* but if you ask rubi, that's probably the best part because now she sleeps inside. lucky girl.

but, aside from the fun i've had laying on the couch with her, and doing my homework with her staring at me, i've had the most fun during sleep time.

chris' grand plan of having her sleep in the rooom with us, but on the floor totally didn't work.

guess who spent two whole nights huddled up against her favorite irish man. not me. i was up against the cold wall.

oh rubi. she really is the best.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

i don't know why i can't manage to keep up with this...

it really shouldn't be this difficult. honestly. during my parents' most recent move, my sister found a ton of journals of mine. i was kind of embarrassed of my 13-19 year old self writing. although, i did find some stuff from the year i met chris. those were funny.

but, i say this as proof to show that i once maintained daily writings.

for the most part, i think life is kinda boring. i mean, who wants to know about the fact that i go to my internship on mondays and wednesdays, go to school on tuesdays and thursdays, sleep in on fridays and saturdays *sometimes*, and live at church on sundays? it's not like nothing happens during that time, but my life is kinda on all that interesting.

i promise.

except that my life is crazy!

take grad school. i'm SOOOOOOO ready for it to be done. my brain is mush. i can't think. i have the hardest time paying attention in class. except for my International Social Work Policy class. i think i'm one of two people who enjoy that class. mostly i enjoy it because it reminds me of why i loved studying Political Science. that said, i have about 17 assignments due before graduation. and graduation is, like, 76 days away.

then take my internship. i have to put together a fundraiser for my Capstone/Thesis project, and i just now got from *very necessary* information. not to mention the grant proposals that i have to work on. *ps, i worked on a grant that got my internship $600,000 in county funds for a new program*

then i have home, and the husband i get to see for fleeting moments. the family that i hardly every see. and my friends who all have equally, if not more, crazy lives.

i'm not complaining. if anything, i think i'm trying to justify to myself why i suck at blogging.

although, i think it might be because i'm not writing in a pretty book with a pink pen...