Tuesday, June 14, 2011

so, i'm pretty much a semi-real wedding coordinator

which i think is pretty cool. i actually kinda like it.
last year i worked on the most insane wedding ever. for real. 700 guests an everything. but, it started on time, ended on time, was cleaned and the keys returned on time. amazing.
this year, i've helped in on a few weddings, but i'm all on my own in coordinating for my dear friend, gracie. she's getting married next month, and i'm uber excited. i can have visions of how amazing it's going to be. plus, weddings are fun! and, i'm a sucker for details, planning, and getting things done. at least for other people....
we've had a few planning meetings up to now, and i'm surprised by how much they trust me, and take me seriously. like, i'm for real! then i listen to what comes out of my mouth and how i help them problem solve, and think, "holy mother, i can do this!" i crack up when momma baldwin is surprised by my non-shock and complete calmness. i always look at her and say, "hey, i'm a social worker. i was trained to be that way!"
but, you know i realized today, i enjoy this. and, i'm pretty good at it. sure,i have a master in social work. but, what could be more social than a wedding?!?!?
but i can totally see it becoming a total side thing.