Saturday, October 29, 2011

i'm sick...

i miss drugs. although, in light of my last post, this should be a piece of cake!

it started around Wednesday, then progressively got worse. it makes me unhappy. i don't like feeling like crap.

being sick is totally for the birds....

on a happier note, DSO doesn't seem to be phased by my being sick. chris felt her kick my stomach out. totally strange and alien-y. mix that and having my little rubi sleeping on the couch next to me, and i'm not too bad.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

25 weeks down, 15 to go....

i can't believe it. 25 weeks. that's 5 and a half months. and let me tell you, i'm CLEARLY pregnant. we went to my in-law's house this weekend, and my *fabulous* father-in-law had the audacity to look at my belly and say "WHOA!" too funny! although, i'm kinda wondering what will happen when i hit week 35..... eeek!

things have been going fairly well. that whole tooth extraction turned out to be a non-issue. in fact, it went so wonderfully that my dentist decided that he couldn't wait for DSO to get here so he could get the other 3 out. what a nice guy....

DSO seems to be growing well too. i mean, i'm growing, and she's kicking up a storm. she has her sleepy days, but even then, she likes to let me know that she's still a strong kid. i'm slightly worried about what her energy level is gonna be like when she's here. although, she'll be a kid, so i'm sure it'll be through the roof. plus, she's a blend of both chris and i, so i'm pretty sure she's be crazy. but, with fabulous black hair and a great ability to tan. not to mention her bilingual skills. yeah, she's gonna be pretty awesome.

aside from that, i've been doing A TON of labor and delivery thinking these days. it's a pretty daunting thing when you have nothing to compare it to. i mean, i can listen to my friends and family who have been there, but i have NO CLUE what i'm in for. thus, i've made a decision. some might find it crazy, but i've made up my mind.

i'm gonna go natural. well, not home birth, natural. believe me, i don't have that kind of determination! but, i wanna do this without drugs. prayerfully. just chris and i, and my mom in the room reading scripture or something of that nature.

i really have nothing against drugs, or people who use them. really. i just really want to go without. i wanna feel it. i know that sounds BEYOND CRAZY. but, if God created me for any one thing *outside of giving Him glory* it was to birth children. that's literally what my body was created for. and, i know i can do it. will i refuse medical intervention when needed? no. i'm not THAT crazy. i mean, will be birthing at a fabulous hospital for that very reason. but, i really want to do this.

thus said... start praying now!