Friday, November 4, 2011

there's a party going on, and it seems that i'm the venue


DSO is starting to pack a mean punch. it's pretty much visible to whoever may be constantly observing me. she likes to kick/punch/headbutt (i really have no clue what goes on in there) chris. the best though.... she kicked rubi. rubi has taken to trying her hardest to lay as close as physically possible to me. she tries incessantly to sleep on my belly. apparently i'm not the only one that doesn't like it. the other night she was half on my belly when DSO started her shenanigans. and i guess rubi felt it because to jumped up and stared really hard at where she had been laying. then looked at me and all over the place. my poor little dog was confused! i, however, thought i was hilarious!

lets see.... according to the regular dr, my cold was more of an allergy flare up. and i need to drink more water. umm, sir, can you explain to me how to drink more water? i'm downing at least 90 oz a day.... but, i'll do what i must to keep pre-term labor away. oh, that's me newest fear. pre-term labor. it's like i can never just not be worried about something. i'm doing better though! i promise! well, ask chris if i'm doing better. he's the one that sees my worrying first hand. oh, and leg cramps are the suck.

in other news, i'm in a wedding this weekend. should be fun. i close friend of mine from grad school is getting married and asked me to be a bridesmaid long before DSO came along. now she gets to join the party too. all of 6 full months of her.

although, i think i don't look too bad. in fact, while i feel huge, i don't think i look too huge. until other people oh so kindly point out that i'm sooooo big already. i just kindly remind them that i'm about 2 feet tall, with a 3 inch torso. i mean, honestly, where else is this kid gonna go! i've only gained about 10 lbs the thus far *the official count comes on wednesday at the ob's office*, and it's really all belly, so whatever! i look stinking cute!

okay, enough random rambling....

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